Texas Chicken Now Has ‘Real Salted Egg’ Fried Chicken & Popcorn Chicken

Texas has 2 things in common with Singapore: the blistering heat and the love of food. Talk to any Texan about barbeque and you’re basically pointing guns ready to start a war.

Texas is a weird place. It’s the place where chicken fried steak doesn’t contain chicken and they call all carbonated drinks coke.

Thankfully, for Singaporeans, we don’t need to know the weirder side of Texas.

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All that matters to us is fried chicken, and our Texas Chicken here shows that it’s ready to start a war over food.

Texas Chicken says NO to calling salted egg ‘gold’

Texas Chicken posted a teaser for this just yesterday (10 July 2019):


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Keeping things real crunchy with Singapore’s favourite. Can you guess what it is? 🤩 #11July!

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Hmmm, it looks golden, yellowish with specks of green leaves. I WONDER WHAT IT CAN BE HUH? Must be a lemon flavoured chicken or something.

But for real, nobody was surprised when it was revealed that it is Salted Egg chicken today. Except it also came with throwing some shade with the reveal by saying NO several times.

NO to what? Hyped up trends, watered down sauce and calling salted egg gold.

Their claim is that it took 3 years to perfect the dish so that it will be authentic with a strong salted egg aroma.

How real is real? The usual powdered salted yolks used commercially are not made from traditionally salted duck eggs.

Instead, they use chicken eggs which are less perishable and cheaper.

What Texas Chicken did is use the fresh salted duck egg yolks that Teochew porridge uses, with garlic and chilli powder to make a golden gravy, which is used to brush the chicken.

Then salted egg yolk crumbs, breadcrumbs, curry leaves, basil leaves and chilli flakes will be sprinkled on.

I don’t know if all that will be true, but I do like the war that Texas Chicken seems to be starting with all the implications there.

Real Salted Egg Chicken

A la carte Real Salted Egg Chicken, from $3.80 each

Combo Meal, from $10.80

Comes with 2 pieces of Salted Egg Fried Chicken, mashed potato, honey butter biscuit and a regular-sized Sjora Mango Peach drink.

Image: Texas Chicken

Real Salted Egg Popcorn Chicken, $5.50

Image: Texas Chicken

Real Feast Box, from $17.50

Real Salted Egg Popcorn Chicken. For some reason, the box includes 6 chicken tenders and 8 nuggets not drenched in salted egg sauce.

Image: Texas Chicken

Bundle Meal, from $50.90

8 pieces of Real Salted Egg Fried Chicken, 2 servings of Salted Egg Popcorn Chicken, 4 honey butter biscuits, 2 large mashed potato sides and 4 regular Sjora Mango Peach drinks.

Texas chicken claims their salted egg is so real, that by using fresh duck eggs that is more perishable, they will only be able to offer the dish from 11 July to 21 August 2019 in the 14 outlets in Singapore.

You’ll also get $2.00 off the Combo Meal, REAL Feast Box or Bundle Meal when you pay with OCBC Pay AnyoneTM (except Changi Airport T4 Transit).

So you ready to watch the show? I’m grabbing my salted egg popcorn chicken to watch what a certain fried chicken chain will do.

Image: Giphy

The winner will feed fried chicken to the spectators.

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