Texas Chicken Vs Popeye Vs Chic-A-Boo Vs KFC: Which has the best fast-food fried chicken?


Those craving fried chicken in Singapore admittedly does not have a large range of outlets to choose from.

Many of us will go for the age-old internationally famous KFC just to be safe; quite a considerable amount will head for Popeyes since it has a rather big name overseas too; a few do visit Texas Chicken, and even lesser people go to or have even heard of Chic-A-Boo.

Like all Singaporeans, we love to compare and get our money’s worth, so which of these fast-food places have the best fried chicken? It’s going to be hard to find out, but here’s an investigation:

1. KFC


Say “fast-food fried chicken”  and chances are that KFC would be the first place that pops into mind because it’s always been there. KFC is probably the easiest and most convenient place to go for a fried-chicken fix because of the number of stores it has in Singapore.

Some have said that standards have dropped but the recent Umakara chicken might just surprise you.

There have been reports of KFC chicken being exceedingly oily, coating the cardboard boxes that they come in and reducing them to a soggy translucent mess, and this might put some people off.

However, if you grew up eating KFC, then perhaps no other store can replace it in your heart since KFC chicken has a rather distinct taste, and you could probably pick it out in a blind taste test.

Best? Probably not, but plus points for being here for a long time and supplying kids with fried chicken for many decades.

2. Popeyes

Image: tripadvisor.com.sg
Image: tripadvisor.com.sg

Popeyes is pretty famous for their biscuits and fries, but their fried chicken is nothing much to rave about. I mean, it’s a tad better than KFC in a sense that it’s not as oily and it’s crispier, but it is also lacking a ‘WOW’ factor. (But honestly their fries and biscuits are seriously good, I would eat like ten of them.)

Best? Nope, but go if you want something different from KFC and if you wish to try the absolutely delicious fries and biscuits. Oh, did we mention that their mash potato is an absolute killer? Try it for yourself!

3. Texas Chicken

Image: greatworldcity.com.sg
Image: greatworldcity.com.sg

Texas Chicken isn’t really super aggressive with their publicity and that’s why some people haven’t really been incentivized to try it out, but it’s pretty much worth a shot.

Again, the chicken is slightly in terms of flavour, crispiness and feels less oily, but ultimately nothing to rave about. It seems that it’s going to be hard to proclaim which outlet has the best fried food chicken.

Best? Nah…

4. Chic-A-Boo

Image: tripadvisor.com
Image: tripadvisor.com

Wait…what’s this? Quite a few of us have probably never heard of this outlet before, mostly because it’s not a big-name brand from overseas, but it seems to have received the best reviews so far.

Customers like how the batter is delightfully crispy and well-seasoned, with the Spicy flavour delivering an impactful kick.


The chicken is said to be pretty fresh, not frozen, and juicy enough to make people come back for more. Perhaps it’s just the refreshing idea of having an outlet that’s not part of some big chain, but it seems that Chic-A-Boo is winning the race.

Best? Seems like it, but perhaps only marginally.


I think a lot of us probably can’t tell the difference between good and bad fried chicken since they might just taste the same especially if we don’t eat fried chicken enough.

But based on the good reviews that Chic-A-Book has been consistently getting, they just might win this round of competition. Go check them out if you’re looking for a new place for your fried chicken fix!


This article was first published on goodyfeed.com