Texas Chicken’s Time-Limited Herb & Garlic Chicken Review: So Good, It Should Be A Permanent Menu Item


Singapore is full of fried chicken lovers.

I mean it doesn’t matter who you are, there will be that one fried chicken you will defend to the death, whether it’s from KFC, Popeyes, Texas Chicken, or the cai fan uncle under your block.

So it comes as no surprise that when Texas Chicken recently brought back its Herb and Garlic chicken on the menu, fans of this chicken went nuts.


Now, it’s my job as one of Texas Chicken’s biggest fans (I go there so often that the counter staff remember me and my order – but a girl’s gotta eat) to very seriously tell you whether this chicken is worth buying.

I mean I am not an easy judge to please because come on, I’m Singaporean, right? If it’s not spicy, then I’m not buying.

I’m not going to lie.

If you go to their outlets at dinnertime, you are probably going to have to queue up. I hope you have the same never-say-die attitude because I had to stand there and not abandon the queue halfway to go to MOS burger which was right next to it.

I was very hungry, okay.

I stood in line for 20 minutes and proudly gave my first Texas Chicken order in five years that wasn’t “two-piece spicy chicken meal, upsize please”.

Quite automatically, the first major difference that I noted between the spicy chicken and the herb and garlic was the colour!

The spicy chicken has a reddish hue, the original is just golden awesomeness. This herb and garlic chicken, on the other hand, just looks sad.

Next would be the sniff test.

Now, the spicy chicken and original chicken at Texas simply has that fried chicken smell.

This herb and garlic chicken, on the other hand, really won me over with its very aromatic fragrance of blended herbs and a softer scent of the garlic.

To be honest, I was expecting the worst (because garlic, right?) but, really, now I know why my colleague with that smelly mouth likes garlic so much.

I took the first bite

And what an amazing, uplifting, heart-warming and downright tantalising experience that first bite was!


The crunchy skin, salty and divine, packing a punch of flavour from its herb blend and garlic with just the tiniest touch of pepper!

Nothing is overwhelming about any one flavour except my review.

All the herbs and spices just comes together to create a perfect balance and the chicken itself was so juicy. Even the oil in the chicken had been slightly flavoured from the marinade.

It’s so good I didn’t bother trying to blot oil from my chicken.

It’s so addictive you can’t help but wonder if you should go for seconds.


Plus, there wasn’t a big difference in flavour between the two different chicken parts, besides the fact that the drumstick had more of the flavoursome oil compared to the breast.

If you don’t like garlic, you won’t like this

Yes, you can taste the garlic.

So if you hate garlic with a burning passion, this probably isn’t the chicken for you.

But if you just “sort of” dislike garlic, hey, this chicken could just be delicious enough to change your mind!

In case you didn’t know, this chicken isn’t here to stay.

It’s like a tourist, only here for a short jaunt before it goes back to where it comes from.

Which is a waste, because this is one of the few fried chickens in Singapore that deserves a Permanent residency on the menu.


Trust me, no matter what fried chicken you have pledged your undying loyalty to, you simply have to give the herb and garlic chicken a try.

You may be converted, you may not, but I will promise that it will be a delicious and satisfying experience as far as eating fried chicken goes!

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