Thai Bride Invites All Her Exes To Her Wedding; Netizens Are Divided


Imagine all your exes in the same room with you. All of the people who once knew you like no one else did, including the way you picked your nose but never showed to anyone else.

Image: Tenor

No thank you!

It’s not even Halloween anymore, but this may sound like a much scarier nightmare that will haunt you forever to most of us. Some exes aren’t even worth remaining friends with, right?

However, some people are much more forgiving at heart than others, and are somehow chill with the idea of that happening – much like this Thai bride. How, I will never understand.

Ex-citing Wedding

Tunchanok Boonkacha, or Sine to her friends and family, recently got married on 25 Nov and had some very interesting additions to her guest list. She took to Facebook to share a photo of her bizarre decision.

Image: Facebook (Tunchanok Boonkacha)

Yep, she invited not one, not two, but THREE of her ex-boyfriends. All while her newly wedded husband was there as well.

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All three ex-boyfriends and Sine were positively beaming in the photo, with the leading lady looking particularly amused. In case you can’t tell who Sine’s husband is in the photo, he’s obviously the only one with an awkward smile and both fists clenched.

What an amazing moment captured, huh?

But Why?

Sine also explained in the caption of her post the reasoning behind inviting her ex-boyfriends to her wedding.

Although they may have broken up, they still remain as close friends, she wrote.

She included a sentence that was particularly touching and refreshing to see: “(My) ex was the closest friend to me in a moment of life. Why isn’t this friend invited to our wedding?”

Wow, if you think about it that way then it actually doesn’t sound that bad.

She also explained that she consulted her husband before inviting her exes, to see what his opinion was on it, and he actually agreed.

Apparently, as reported by Sanook, her husband Puh had also invited his ex-girlfriend, who unfortunately couldn’t make it to the wedding by providing a silly excuse due to being overseas.

It’s All Banter

Thankfully, it was all good at the wedding, and there didn’t seem to be any tension as they were all joking around with each other.


Photos shared of Puh looking disturbed as his wife and one of the ex-boyfriends shared a warm hug was also uploaded by the photographer, to many laughs and skepticism from netizens.

Image: Facebook (The Moose Grapher)

His expression is hilarious, you can’t deny.

Sine also cleared this point up, saying that her husband only put on an act for the laughs. She thanked him for always understanding her and always being lovely in her post too. Aww! 

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One of Sine’s ex-boyfriends also posted the commemorative photo on his Instagram, saying that at first, they were confused and embarrassed at first, all four men have never met each other before prior to this.


They exchanged introductions and even joked around about who dated her first!

Netizens React

Image: Facebook (Tunchanok Boonkacha)

Thai netizens had a good laugh over the situation, jokingly tagging their friends in the comments and asking if this stage would be enough for them.

Image: Facebook (Tunchanok Boonkacha)

Some even quipped that they would need an eight-meter long stage to fit all their exes on it.

Granted, some would still find the idea of celebrating a marriage with your exes present to be a very awkward affair.

Perhaps your exes will look at your bride or groom and think, good luck to them for having to deal with her now.

That’s if you didn’t end the relationship on good terms.


But still, Sine made a good point – they were once an important person in your life after all.

And if they are still willing to share your joys with you even if that happiness isn’t with you anymore, then why not?