Thai Lady Shows Healthy IG-Worthy Food That Help Her Lose Weight


Last Updated on 2022-10-15 , 10:08 am

Unless you’ve been blessed with the best genetics since birth, you’ve probably been on a crash diet or two in a desperate attempt to ditch those extra few kilogrammes.

And although some of us may struggle to see significant changes in our appearance, maybe this woman will motivate you and give you that extra push to persevere in your dieting journey.

Spoiler alert: It’s a healthy diet, because unhealthy ones just aren’t going to help you in the long run.

Yup, she’s the same person.

In the Facebook post that has garnered over 500 shares as of now, there were various photos of dishes that were presumably consumed by the lady in the pictures for her to achieve her ideal figure.

Like this…

Image: Facebook (Endlyna-瘦身那回事)\

…and this:

Image: Facebook (Endlyna-瘦身那回事)

She totally showed us that dieting doesn’t have to be all dull and no fun.

The caption of the post translates to “Wow, this is amazing! This Thai lady managed to slim down by so much just through these healthy diet meals! She’s so pretty now and she’s amazing.”

Our thoughts exactly.

The photos feature a healthy yet delectable variety of ingredients, ranging from popular vegetables like edamame and broccoli to healthy carbohydrates and protein like brown rice and shrimp.

With a wide range of different food groups and nutrients, it’s no wonder how these scrumptious meals have helped this lady reach her weight goals.

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The comments section has been filled with mainly positive comments from members of the public, with many tagging their friends and saying that her story serves as motivation for them to continue with their diets.

And of course, while being more mindful of what we eat is always a good thing, it’s important to refrain from going on crash and unhealthy diets. While you may notice some results in the short run, they’re definitely not good for your body and are almost impossible to keep up with in the long run!


Featured Image: Facebook (Endlyna – 瘦身那回事)