Thai Woman Claims Son Was Allegedly Abused In S’pore Preschool; Asks For Help

No parent would ever want to see their child get hurt. They will do whatever they can to ensure that their child is protected from all evils of this world.

When they see their child getting hurt, it is possible that their mom or dad instincts will automatically kick in and they will gain sudden strength just to ensure their child is okay.

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Look at that catch even though he wasn’t even facing his kid.

So when a child comes home and his mother finds bruises and cuts on him, you know she would be worried.

Allegedly Abused

In a Facebook post by Ms Sae who is a Thai single mother living in Singapore with her only three-year-old son, she detailed how he was allegedly abused by the teachers in his preschool and despite reporting the incident, nothing seems to have changed.

Image: Facebook (Mickie Sae)

Here’s her full post (scroll down if you want a summary).

“Hello everyone. My child was abused by a teacher at a school in Singapore. The childcare centre is called Sunflower Preschool and it is located at Blk 745 Bedok Reservoir. My son’s name is Eden who attends an N1 class there. My son is three years old and is a Singapore citizen. I took my child to apply for school. Orphan Lesson 1. Starting 3 June 2019, my child could only start studying for one month. Every three to four days, my child will have bruises, nail marks, scratches and wrinkles. His ear has a nail mark. The most recent one is a bruise around his neck which has thick and deep traces. The mark didn’t heal even after one week. The trace was like a rope that was pulled around the neck, so I asked the teacher who supervised class N1 which my son was studying in. There are two teachers who are in charge of N1. The first one is a Chinese teacher and the second one is a male teacher. But the fact that I’m unable to see what’s happening during class is making it impossible for me to stop wondering what actually happened. I then asked the class teacher not to shower my son. He then had an allergic reaction at his throat, which is impossible because I showered, brushed my teeth and washed my son every day. I took my son to the doctor and checked on the day of the incident. The doctor gave the report that my child was not allergic. Knowing that my son may have been pulled by something like a rope that caused a mark around the neck just makes me feel so hurt. Finally, I called looking for the Principal to see the CCTV of the school. The Principal said that she will arrange for me to check it, but three days later, she called me and said that she already viewed the CCTV footage. She found that the Chinese teacher was the one who did it to my son, so I asked her to write a report about this because this matter should be raised up! Show some attention and show me how professional your school is. Until now, it’s been four months and I still haven’t heard anything from the Principal. At all. And during one day in August 2019, I reported the incident that my child was attacked by a teacher, so the Bedok Reservoir branch checked with the school. Instead of telling the truth, the Principal told them that she didn’t know about this incident and that the CCTV that day was broken so there was no footage. So I complained to MOE and EDCA. Four months ago, everything was quiet. And there were no updates from the various departments, be it the family service from Blk 133 Bedok Reservoir, the police, my son’s IO, MOE, EDCA or Sunflower Preschool at Blk 745 Bedok Reservoir. I have photographs of the injuries on my son. I live and work in Singapore. Do not think that you can pretend not to care and pretend to be quiet just because I am a single Thai mom who only holds a Long Term card and my child and I are alone in Singapore. I ask for the cooperation from Thai people and friends, along with every nationality in Singapore to help me share this post for awareness. Show me that the Singapore law can still be trusted and will be fair for 3-year-old children who are being abused, threatened by teachers at their childcare centre and claim that the CCTV is not turned on. How can they do that? Now, my son speaks and tells stories that he was strangled by his teacher. He’s afraid of going to school and he asked me to beat his teacher at school because he attacked him. I cannot stand still so I had to post here, to emphasise that Singapore will give justice to what happened to my son. Thank you all for sharing.”

In case it was too long and you didn’t read, I summarised the points up for you.

  • Her son, Eden Lee Yan Jie, is a three-year-old who studies at Sunflower Preschool at Blk 745 Bedok Reservoir
  • He started school on 3 June 2019, and every few days, he would come home with bruises, nail marks, and scratches all over his body
  • She asked the Principal to check the CCTV footage in the school
  • Principal found that Eden’s Chinese teacher abused him
  • She asked the Principal to write a report
  • When questioned by others, the Principal said that she didn’t know of this incident
  • She complained to MOE, EDCA and the police
  • Four months later, nothing has been done

She also posted a few photographs of her son’s injuries.

Image: Facebook (Mickie Sae)

The area near his ear was said to have scratch marks.

Image: Facebook (Mickie Sae)

His neck also had markings like he was pulled by a rope around his neck. She asked the teachers what happened and the teachers claimed that it was an allergy.

Image: Facebook (Mickie Sae)

She was unconvinced by this so she brought her son to a doctor on the day of the incident where the doctor confirmed with her that her son did not have any allergies.

Image: Facebook (Mickie Sae)
Image: Facebook (Mickie Sae)

There were also a few other photos that showed some scratch marks and bruises on his body.

True Or False?

It is unclear as to why authorities have not taken any actions if what Ms Sae said was true. But then again, why would a mother lie that her son got abused? She also added that she will not stand still when her son is being hurt like that.

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She hopes that her post will be shared so that the authorities would do more about this incident and also help spread awareness about child abuse.

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