The Circle Holes in Plastic Chairs Aren’t For Farts to Pass Through But For Durability


Every single thing that we’ve used today has gone through many hours of research, experimenting and brainstorming sessions by an individual or a group of very talented engineers.

That little bump on the letter J on your keyboard, the asymmetrical shape of a pair of scissors, the little dent on the handle of a spoon…every little detail has some sort of function and today, we’ll take a look at chairs.

Or to be more specific, the plastic stools which are widely used in void decks, Getai shows, etc.

We understand the need for four legs, and we understand that the legs are in an L shape to strengthen it.

But why is there a hole at the top of each chair?

For a start, here’s a clarification: No, it is not for your farts to go through.

We highly doubt you can fart so accurately anyway.


Some of the more sensible ones will realise that it is a finger hole for you to move and stack the chairs more easily. That is certainly one of the functions, but that’s just a bonus effect, not the main reason.

Another reason is due to air pressure. If no holes were present, the chairs will get stuck easily when stacked because of the air pressure caused by the “vacuum” formed within the gap of two chairs.


But this begs an additional question, why a round hole? Why can’t it be in any other shape?

Among so many brands and so many models of the chair, a round hole is consistent among all of them. Well, turns out that, a square hole (or any hole with corners) will experience more pressure at the corners, and it’ll be worn out faster. Hence, having a round hole will make it much more durable.

Also, a round hole is easier to make than a square hole. We also realized that the sizes of the holes are rather similar. The reason is simple: A hole too large will cause the chair to lose support and spoil sooner. A hole too small, and your finger cannot go through (refer to the first reason).

Bet you’ve never expected that, did you?

As long as we are more observant about our surroundings, we’ll notice that there are many things existing in the environment today just waiting for us to discover!

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