The complete guide to the best April Fools’ Day 2016 pranks


1st April just passed, but some April Fools’ pranks may just remain golden. Do you know that the practice of pranking others on April Fools’ Day actually started since the 1800s? Well, we’ve came a long time since then, but thankfully, we still have a day where all pranks are totally accepted and anticipated. Here are a few pranks that have made headlines so far–sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

The GST Voucher
On 1st April, there has been a WhatsApp message circulating, and you might be just one of them who has received it. It goes: “Hey guys, have you done this? Following the Govt’s budget 2016 announcement, new GST vouchers have been issued. To check if you’re eligible, follow the link, input your NRIC, check and submit”. The link is actually a tinyurl link to a photo of Garfield with a paintbrush, covered in paint, with 3 colourful words: “HAPPY APRIL FOOLS” next to him. Ah well. It’ll be good to have a GST voucher. Just saying.

Jetstar, lah.
We know one of our country’s budget airline is Jetstar–and on the 1st of April, our favourite budget airline pulled a prank by releasing a video–filmed in a sophisticated, serious and glossy way. We have stewardess and pilots speaking in Singlish: “We hope you enjoy your flight ah. Thank you very much hor.” And this writer’s favourite scene–“Make sure your seatbelt kiap tight tight” says one steward during a flight training seminar. Singlish is one of Singapore’s most identifiable traits, so why not capitalize on it and use it for in flight announcements? Great prank, cheers to Jetstar. And that’s not including their entire site in Singlish too.

LICK by Chope
Hungry? But unsure of what to get because you don’t know how your food will taste like? Don’t worry–with Chope’s April Fools’ Day app, you can lick pictures on your smart phone. Somehow, pictures in the app will be transduced into taste. Feel like trying out steak right now? Download Chope’s app. For more information about the specifics, watch this video below.

Google Japan – Flick Keyboard
We know Google to be the number 1 creative company, and Japan to be a wacky weird country–what happens when 2 of them come together? Google Japan released a Flick keyboard for their Japanese language on April Fools’ Day–Instead of a one directional pressing, you can flick up, down, left and right! Anywhere!

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