The Date & Time to Buy the Cheapest Flight Online Based on a Study


Last Updated on 2020-02-02 , 2:59 pm

It’s already that time of the year when parents start making arrangements to take their children for holidays (you lucky spoilt brats) or for friends to plan a short getaway before the new term starts.

No wonder air fares jack up all of a sudden. There are just so many people travelling, it’ll be a waste for the airline industries not to raise their prices.

So then, when is the best time to buy those tickets? Is there even a “best time”? Yes, apparently there is.

According to Skyscanner, the best time to buy the cheapest plane tickets is actually 5 months in advance.

This means that you should plan and settle on your vacation 20 weeks before your departure date. It’s a little too late to get the cheapest tickets for the December holidays, but if you are planning to travel in June, you might want to start booking in January. It really is as early as that.

The cheapest time to travel was actually in the fourth week of February. Oops, a little too late for that.


However, the cheapest month to travel is actually in September (yay!)!

So you might want to book a flight for the September holidays as early as April. Skyscanner’s research has also shown that there are different months for cheaper travels to different destinations.

For instance, if you want to travel to Australia, you should do so in May. Also, if you book at least 4 months in advance, you can get cheaper prices!

Travelling to Thailand in September is worthwhile if you book more than 3 months in advance. Unfortunately, the best time to get to Hongkong‘s Disneyland is actually in January, and you should book for those flights as early as August!


However if you not planning to travel during the peak period of nasty school holidays, you can have the privilege of booking for cheaper flights two months in advance. Studies have also shown that booking for flights that depart on Mondays to Wednesdays are relatively cheaper, especially those that depart in mid-afternoon (2pm-6pm).

Seems that you will have to book those flights pretty soon.

Otherwise, you can just use Skyscanner’s Price Alert feature or Jetstar’s Price Watch feature.

Check out Jetstar’s cool function here! With these features, you’ll be able to be notified of the price drops before anyone else! (Anyone other than those using the app, that is.)

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