The Full Story Of The Naked Man That Was Attacked By His Lover’s Boyfriend

Being in the centre of a love triangle gives you the most amount of attention that you will ever need.

Like everything else, it can also be a double-edged sword.

And if one or both your admirers are very determined people, it can turn into a very ugly fight.

Remember that viral video of a naked man that was chased around by a 37-year-old man? Well, here’s what actually happened.

The Love Triangle

According to Shin Min Daily News, this love triangle revolved around two men and a girl.

The two men involved are Ellie’s Boyfriend, 37-year-old ‘J’ and Ellie’s lover, 30-year-old ‘Z’.

Ellie has been dating J for three years and she got to know Z about a year ago.

Her relationship with J wasn’t an open one – J was in the dark about her secret affair with Z until recently.

Sounds juicy already? Get ready for more. 

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When It All Came Apart 

On 31 August, Z sent a recording of Ellie and him having sex to J, exposing their affair.

Lord knows why he did that. 

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J showed up at Ellie’s house on 1 September. He saw Z and hit him till he was bleeding in the head.

Elly did not know that J still had her house keys.

And on 4 September, J showed up again while Ellie and Z were asleep in a room. He barged him, which shocked them both.

Z was sleeping nude. When he saw J opening the door and reaching for his pocket, he thought that he had came prepared with a weapon.

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He was so frightened and like a mouse running away from a cat that hadn’t eaten in three days, he ran outside without even wearing his pants.

In other words, he was naked when he ran out.

Ellie explained that Z had recognised J from when he first attacked him on the head on 1 September and was shocked.

What happened next was caught on video by J.

Yes, Z’s naked butt was caught on camera. 

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The Viral Video 

A video circulated last week showed Z hiding in a car as J was threatening to kill him.

J, who was filming the video was walking towards a white car where Z was in.


An uncle from outside kept asking Z to come out –

Hold up. Why was he even asking for the boy to come out when the man was clearly aggressive? He wants the poor boy dead is it?

J shamed him in the video saying that he was “so embarrassing” because he “ran away naked“.

J repeatedly told the uncle to call the police.

Both Were Arrested 

The police received a call for assistance along Bukit Batok West Avenue 8.


J was arrested for criminal intimidation and Z was arrested afterwards for transmitting obscene materials by electronic means on 5 September.

Ellie Worried For Her Child’s Safety 

Ellie accused J of taking away their 15-month-old son, who had been living with her, after the assault on 1 September.

She is worried for her son but can only fight for his custody through legal means.

She has since added two locks to her door for extra security and has changed her mobile number.

Ellie also plans to apply for a Personal Protection Order.


Next time you’re in a love triangle, enjoy it while it lasts.

After all, it’s all fun and games till someone gets hurt. 

Wait, sorry – don’t even get into a love triangle. It never ends well.

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