The Latest Internet Challenge: Hands-Free Bubble Tea

Singaporeans’ all-time favourite drink, bubble tea somehow makes it to the headlines every week. When such news goes viral, it signifies the entry of a new bubble tea store or an innovative flavour.

And as usual, it’s bubble tea, so we need to plug our YouTube channel educate more about this drink with our video:

This time, however, the sweet drink is turning heads – literally, with the arrival of an all-new challenge.

Known as the “Hands-Free Bubble Tea Challenge”, or “Tapioca Challenge”, participants are required to drink bubble tea with the drink resting on their chest.

Like this.

Image: TRIBUNnews

At this point, I feel personally attacked by my Editor… Of all people to write about this, I’m the chosen one.

*Rolls eyes to the next dimension*

The challenge originated from Japan

No surprise, this challenge hails from Japan – a country where the majority of the ladies are well-endowed and blessed with eternal youth.

What do they eat? What’s their secret?!

The trend-setter is none other than a Japanese model, who’s known as @hcupadman on Twitter.

On 7 June, Friday, the model shared two videos of her drinking her a cup of latte which was nestled comfortably on her chest. As shown below, one of the videos has since garnered 1.8 million views.

Naturally, this challenge is exclusive to women (and men) who are blessed with a big chest.

Nowadays, we’re all about gender equality so yes, guys, you’re invited to take a stab at this challenge too, like what Japanese model Ogawa Shun has done.

And It Caught On

Shun uploaded a clip in reply to the female model’s tweet as a joke.

Image: TRIBUNnews/ Ogawa Shun

Two days later, Strangestone, the brains behind the widespread #TawawaChallenge (a similar challenge of balancing a phone on one’s chest) jumped on the bandwagon with a drawing of a lady drinking from a cup on her chest.

Image: Strangestone/ Twitter

Following the spread of Strangestone’s drawing, netizens gradually caught on to the trend and started sharing photos of themselves participating in the challenge, as well as illustrations of girls doing it.

Image: creamcandy123/ Twitter

Not the first bizarre challenge

Similar to the “Underboob Pen Challenge” in 2016 which involves holding a pen under your boobs to show that you have big assets, this challenge is yet another opportunity to flaunt what you got from your mama.

Other mind-boggling challenges include:

Belly Button Challenge

This challenge originates from China and is a test of flexibility as well as determines if you’re “slim”. It requires participants to put an arm behind their back and touch their belly button with the same hand.

Image: Weibo

Water Condom Challenge

This infamous challenge in America is by far the most bizarre of the lot.

According to Grazia Daily, this involves filling condoms with a specific amount of water before dropping it on your friend’s head. Keep in mind, the golden ratio of water to pressure is crucial in the success of the challenge.

They say it is a challenge, but in reality, who knows? It may very well be a cover up to throw water bombs at your frienemies, and low-key call them a dick head. I mean, condoms are for dicks, right?

Image: Bustle/ Twitter

Regardless of which challenge you decide to embark on in the name of fun, remember that it doesn’t define you.

Until then, I’ll just be sipping my boba the regular way. With my hands.