The Origin of the ‘Directed by Robert B. Weide’ Credits Meme

Image: ABC News / Know Your Meme

Have you ever scrolled through Instagram/Facebook and noticed a meme of which you do not understand the format?

That was true until about 30 mins ago when I was tasked to write about this meme format that I can only describe as ‘Directed by Robert B. Weide’ Credits.

I can’t skip it because it seems to be everywhere.

After doing some research (a.k.a, I shall now attempt to explain this meme to you.

If you prefer to watch the origin instead, here’s one that we’ve done:

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A funny video, often with a disastrous(ly funny) ending, is played, and right before the deed is done, the video cuts to the aforementioned credits.

The song is Frolic by Luciano Michelini.

I chuckled while browsing through the plethora of memes following this format, yet had one burning question:

Who is Robert B. Weide and why should appending this credit scene add value to the meme?

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Thus began my journey into the rabbit hole of obscure memes…

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Before we carry on further, you will first need to understand the original show Curb Your Enthusiasm.

That’s where it all began.

It is what inspired so many meme lovers all over the world to carefully time random videos and edit the credits scene in.

Okay. If you have not watched this show before like me, you would find it difficult to appreciate this.

Explanation Time

While a joke loses its value when you have to explain it too much, this is how I realized that the best way to appreciate the meme is knowing the context.

The beauty of this meme is that it allows a group of people who have enjoyed/ watched a certain show or video to have a chuckle over how things escalated.

So I will try to give a little context about what is going on here:

The chef has a neurological disorder called Tourettes Syndrome which prevents him from controlling what comes out of his mouth sometimes.

Earlier in this episode, the main character, Larry, saw kids shave their heads in solidarity of a friend who lost his hair to chemo.

Hence, he thought that he would do the same for the chef to save him from embarrassment.

So he started to curse too.

That is funnily sweet but seems to turn disastrous as everyone in the room starts swearing. This is a reflection of how they truly feel inside.

And that, is when we cue the credits.

The First Meme

The earliest known creation of this meme is by Nikolaj Christensen. He added the credit to the end of the movie ‘The Mist’ which is a thriller/horror film that culminates with a pretty dramatic heart-wrenching ending (no spoilers).

Miss Universe 2015

A personal favourite of mine is this meme of Miss Universe 2015. The whole internet broke in 2015 when Steve Harvey announced the wrong Miss Universe.

It is the perfect example of how to use this meme template.

Because something really bad is about to happen.

I hope that this helps you understand the origins of this meme better.