There Are Hello Kitty & Gudetama Gold in Goldheart Jewelry

It seems that cute’s really the trend nowadays.

A while back, McDonald’s released a couple of My Melody Holders, only to see them disappear off the shelves in mere hours.

Image: Goodyfeed

EZ-Link pulled off the same stunt too, albeit with different characters. But the result was the same: their Snorlax EZ-Link charms were snapped up within the day they were sold.

Image: Mothership

And now, even Goldheart has taken up the mantle. In their latest line of sparkling gold, they’ve announced a particularly cute (and lazy) mascot:

The impossibly adorable runny egg Gudetama.


Have a very Gold-y Christmas!

If you’ve yet to get a Christmas present for your significant other (though yes, this is definitely too late but late’s better than never), this might interest you.

Goldheart has released Gudetama-fronted jewellery this Christmas season, and boy…

It looks like absolute… gold.


From gold coins to gold bars, Goldheart has got all your cute needs moulded into gold form. And that’s not even the end. Just check out these gold accessories that are tailored for all your dressing needs.

Image: Pinterest

Not a fan of Gudetama?

Preposterous as the thought is, there are indeed people who hate cute, lazy runny eggs with all their core. But worry not, for Goldheart doesn’t just have one Sanrio character.

They have many.

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And I haven’t even touched the tip of the iceberg.


Indeed it makes you wonder just how much Goldheart paid Sanrio for royalties. But hey;

We’re not complaining.

There’re even promotions!

One thing about Goldheart? Its products don’t come cheap.

But it seems that as its name implies, it does have a heart of gold. Just look at all the promotions Goldheart’s stacking on its pedestal!

Image: Goldheart Jewelry (Singapore) Facebook Page
Image: Goldheart Jewelry (Singapore) Facebook Page
Image: Goldheart Jewelry (Singapore) Facebook Page
Image: Imgflip

Although of course, discounted products would probably still leave a dent in your wallet, so you might not want to get too many.

So what’re you waiting for?

If you’re a fan of Gudetama, Sanrio or just gold in general, you know what to do. So head on down to your nearest Goldheart outlet pronto, because as a wise old man once said:

“Gold waits for no one, and Gudetama gold definitely wouldn’t wait for you.”

And with that said, I’ll see you there 😉