There Are Three Durian-Flavoured Bubble Tea in Malaysia Made with Real D24

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Durian – the King of Fruits, the classic that people never get old of.

You either love it to death, so much so that you would die for it, or absolutely despise it, and wish it and its bad smell never existed.

Image: Year of the Durian

Those who love it, however, have gotten very creative with enjoying their durian in various forms, just the way they like it.

From ice cream to cake rolls and even candy, I know people who can’t live without durian flavoured things.

A friend of mine even freezes durian in the fridge and eats it while it’s freezing cold and feels like ice cream.

Sometimes, people also combine two popular and trendy items into one dish and sell it as such, in hopes that it would attract foodies and thrill seekers into trying their unique product.

Out of the above durian flavoured variants I’ve mentioned, one extremely popular food item has barely been combined with durian before.

It honestly sounds terrifying, so I’ll say the reason is that no one’s dared to try it yet.

But now, some daredevil’s really done it.


Yep, you read that right.

Everyone loves bubble tea, it’s not a secret.

That’s probably why bubble tea chains are finding new interesting food to combine bubble tea with – just about anything can be found in bubble tea now. I thought the salted egg teas would be the last of it.

But I’m wrong.

If you’re both a durian AND bubble tea lover, you’re probably rejoicing now though.

It’s Durian Season

Tealive, a bubble tea brand in Malaysia, announced on their Instagram page Monday, 15 July their new line of durian bubble tea flavours.


There will be not one, not two, but THREE different durian flavoured bubble tea options in the DURIANG RIA series: Duriang Milk Tea, Duriang Coco and Duriang Smoothie.

Since it’s also durian season now, Tealive’s going to use REAL D24 durians in making the drinks. Amazing.

I can’t even begin to imagine how the drinks will taste like.

Are these things that will even go well together?! Surprisingly, it may.

Each of the durian bubble tea drinks is available in Regular (R) size only and retails for RM10.90.


It’s Only In Malaysia

The DURIANG RIA series is only available in certain participating Tealive outlets in Malaysia.

You can get them at more than 100 outlets across Malaysian states such as Kedah, Kelantan, Penang, Perak, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan, Johor, Selangor and Kuala Lumpur.

But that doesn’t mean Singaporeans can’t get their hands on it.

There’s a Tealive outlet at Bukit Indah (accessible via the second link, Tuas). And according to their list of participating outlets, this particular outlet carries the drinks as well.

So if you want to get your durian bubble tea fix or if you’re just curious, you’d have to make a trip across the Causeway for it.



Hopefully, it’s not a disaster, but maybe since it’s durian AND bubble tea, people will love it anyway.

P/S: There’s an A&W outlet at Bukit Indah too, don’t say bojio hor.

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