There Could Be A New Pokemon Game Coming To Smartphones Soon

Image: YouTube (Pokemon TCG Center) (Image is for illustration purpose only)

As I grow ever older, fewer and fewer things excite me.

Zouk? Meh, I’m too old for that shit.

Maplestory Mobile? Well, I did get into it for a while, but like everything else, the novelty wore off for a while.

Overseas trips? That’s admittedly kind of tempting but then again it really depends on the good ol’ money dough.

Image: Mothership

However, there’s one thing, that whether rain or shine would no doubt succeed in attracting me. For no matter how much I age, my heart would never lie. Lest you’re wondering, I’m talking about…

A damn smartphone Pokemon game.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen; with the success of Pokemon GO and Pokemon Quest in recent years, it makes you pine for the release of the next blockbuster game.

And from what we know, it might just happen very soon.

Job Posting

It’s common knowledge that job postings occur for a reason.

And rather coincidentally, The Pokemon Company International (a subsidiary of the head company in Japan) has posted a job listing on career website LinkedIn, stating that they are pursuing new members for what seems to be a team that will be spearheading the development of a new game.

Indeed, a total of not 10, not 20, but a whopping 39 positions were listed on the same day, including a Principal Game Designer who preferably, wait for it…

Should have experience with the game engine UnityAnd if you’re familiar with Pokemon lore, you would know that the only game in the franchise that utilises the Unity engine…

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Is the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online.

Image: GoNintendoTweet

And speculations arise

If you just look online, you’ll find tons of conspiracy theories flying around. And for this latest revelation, Japanese media website Soranews24 has just the hypothesis.

According to them, the game might be pretty awesome and all, but the fact remains that its visual effects and graphics are just a little dated compared to other existing online trading card games out there.

And seeing how it’s quite unlikely The Pokemon Company International would squander valuable resources to create a fresh team to maintain a game released seven years ago, the indicators seem to hint towards an updated port or a totally new game for smartphones.

Which means that this… this visual fest…

Image: PokeJungle Twitter

With upgraded graphics and tons of new features…

Could just be coming to a smartphone near you.


Unsurprisingly, Netizens were rather hyped over the news. And really…

Who can blame them?

“I hope they do some kind of collaboration with Pokémon GO,” one commented.

“I’m over Pokémon GO now, so it’s good to hear that I can still play other Pokémon games on my smartphone,” another said.

And the excitement continues;

“What a brilliant move. They should just port everything into smartphones.”

“There’s a lot more Pokémon gamers now than before, so that’s a good decision.”


On the other hand…

If you can’t wait for V2.5you can always get the old version on your phone.

But of course, we would much prefer having a legitimate version on our phones. Because let’s face it;

Dueling each other in real time, with all the right graphics, would be so darn wicked cool.

Image: Elder Scrolls Online Forum

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