There is now a Transparent Coke & It’s Lemon-Flavoured: 6 Topics S’poreans Talked About Today (7 June)

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Japan has the coolest stuff. From killer robots to one Michelin Star noodles and amazing actresses (Editor’s note: Who arh?), it seems like they have everything.

Well, apparently not, because yet another cool AF item is in Japan. And the rest of the world can only look on enviously.

Japan Now Has A Clear Coca-Cola & It’s Lemon-Flavoured

In recent times, clear drinks are the rage. Black coca-cola, brown lemon tea, slightly more brown tea and the brown-est (yes, I just invented that word) coffee? They’re all things of the past.

Today, it’s all about transparency.

And Coca-cola is jumping on the bandwagon as well.


According to reports, Coca-Cola took a year to develop this drink for the Japanese market. The Coca-Cola Clear is not just colourless, but has zero calories and is flavoured lightly with lemon.

They’re going to start selling it in Japan from 11 June onwards at S$1.69 (500 ml) and S$1.38 (280 ml) per bottle.

And the best part?

This isn’t the only cool thing Coca-Cola launched in Japan. They introduced their first alcoholic drink in Japan last month. As well as frozen slushie Coca-Cola.

So if you’re going to Japan soon, you might airfrov want to check out their convenience store. That or just go to Japan lah.

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Starhub To Stop Airing Discovery Channels on Cable TV From July


If you’ve signed up for Starhub cable TV because they have Discovery channel, I’ve got very bad news for you.

They’re going to stop airing 11 channels this year.

Channels that will stop airing at 12 noon on 30 Jun:

  • Discovery Channel
  • TLC
  • Animal Planet
  • Discovery Asia
  • Discovery Science
  • Eurosport
  • Setanta Sports

Channels that will stop airing at 12 noon on 31 Aug:

  • Asian Food Channel
  • HGTV
  • Travel Channel
  • Food Network

Starhub said that while they are trying to negotiate for Discovery and Starhub to continue their partnership, it is “unsuccessful at this juncture”.

And as to whether you can cancel your subscription early without any penalty charges, Starhub says they’re still thinking about it.

Previously, Discovery made news for trying to rally Starhub’s subscribers to get the telco to agree to their terms.

Image: Discovery Channel Southeast Asia via

It is understood that the two companies could not come to an agreement because of the price.

18-Year-Old Allegedly Offered Punggol Resident Money For Sex, Gets Caught By Her BF


On 5 June, this 18-year-old teenager approached a Punggol resident at her own home. She was alone with her two children.

He allegedly asked her a few questions, including whether she’s open to earning extra cash by providing him with sexual services.

She told the teenager to leave, but he appeared again the next day at 2.20 pm.

When she called her boyfriend, he rushed over to her flat immediately to confront the man. He managed to wrestle the teenager to the ground with the help of a construction worker.

The police were notified of the incident and reached the scene to arrest the man.

Police investigations are ongoing.

BMW Refuses To Give Way To Bus at Chinatown, Get Wrecked Badly

It was like a Mexican standoff back in the wild wild west. Two individuals, trying to get ahead of each other.

One, a bus 12 at Chinatown, the other, a white BMW. Unfortunately for the BMW, it lost.

Yup, the David vs Goliath story doesn’t always happen. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

On 6 June, it was reported that a bus, numbered 12, was at a bus stop along Chinatown. The bus bay has a Bus Priority Box, which means it is part of the Mandatory Give-Way to Buses Scheme.

In other words, buses first, everything else second.

Unfortunately, the white BMW driver didn’t get the memo and tried to cut in front of the bus.

And the end result? The back of the bus hit the white BMW, causing its front bumper to dangle like the candy in Cut the Rope.

You can view the full video below:

For impatient drivers out there, here’s a refresher:

Image: LTA

If you don’t give way, it’s a traffic offence.

Fashion Designer Kate Spade Found Dead in Apartment, Police Confirmed It’s A Suicide

If you love Kate Spade bags, you need to know this.


The co-founder of the brand was found dead in her New York apartment on 5 June 2018. A source close to the investigation said she hanged herself at her Park Avenue apartment.

She had also left a suicide note.

She leaves behind her husband and teenage daughter, who requested for privacy to mourn. One of the greatest fashion designers in American fashion, tributes poured in from well-known celebrities, the fashion world as well as everyday women.

The Council of Fashion Designers of America said that “she was a great talent” who impacted American fashion greatly.

Another Carousell “Scam”: This Time About E-Scooter

Carousell is a platform where you can find anything and everything. Think of them like the pasar malam of the online world.

Unfortunately, as with any pasar malam, you’d run the risk of getting scammed too. Like this guy.

Azmi put up his Dualtron Ultra V2 model for sale on Carousell. He managed to get a buyer for his e-scooter.

However, the buyer didn’t have enough money to pay upfront and offered $2,000 and his MacBook for the e-scooter.


Except, he went back on his words and requested to pay the $2,000 in instalments.

So, the deal went through and this happens. The MacBook isn’t working properly.


And the buyer went MIA.

He did get back after and told a new story. He said that his friend owes him money, and he can only pay Azmi the full amount after his money is returned.

The buyer started coming up with new stories after Azmi lost his patience and threatened to make a police report. Like his uncle’s alleged poor health.


Legend has it that until today, people still think it’s okay to hand over something when full payment hasn’t been made.

Like any legit businessman will tell you, it’s easy to get sales. What’s hard, is to get the payment for the sales transaction.

We can vouch for that as our accounts receivables mount as high as Mount Everest.

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