There’ll Be No ZoukOut2019 This Year, Organisers Confirm

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The year is ending, the holidays have possibly rolled around and your groupies have nothing to do.

“Eh, let’s go ZoukOut!” the party animal exclaims, as he does every year. Everyone agrees, looking forward to a night full of banging music, drinks and dancing.

Except if you read the title, you sadly know that this scenario is not going to happen this year.

Taking A Breather

Personally, I’m not a party guy, but this is a pretty big hit for those who are.

According to a report done by The Straits Times, Zouk Group confirmed that the annual dance festival will be “taking a break” this year and “will not have a 2019 edition in Singapore.”

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An extremely unfortunate turn, since this is the first time in 18 years that ZoukOut will not be held.

Falling Party-ers

I mean, I sort of cannot blame them? Numbers show that while there was a peak attendance of 50,000 in 2014, only around 20,000 showed up for the 2018 edition.

Probably why after 2017, last year’s ZoukOut was only one day instead of two days.


Look 20,000 is not THAT small, but that is still a drop of 250% of the attendees. Now if that isn’t a crazy number. 


If you still want your music fix though, a new homegrown dance-music festival called the Legacy Festival will be held on 6 and 7 December.

Future Plans

So is Zouk done? Nah, not even close.

The CEO of Zouk Group, Andrew Li, reported, “In the meantime, we will continue to bring in more exciting acts in the coming months, and channel our resources towards providing our guests with the best possible experiences at our outlets.”

“As the festival climate evolves, we have to also progress alongside it,” he adds.

Forward thinking guys, learn it. 

In Other News

Clubs and parties aside, you might remember that Zouk is also responsible for bringing 5 Guys to Singapore later this year in Plaza Singapura.

Image: Great Deals Singapore

The food chain, not the five guys of One Direction. Sorry, ladies.

While not in Singapore, they have also launched some cool new stuff at Resorts World Genting. By cool, we mean a new club and a Fuhu Restaurant and Bar in partnership with Hong Kong celebrity chef Alvin Leung.

You are absolutely welcome for your fancy new travels plans by the way.

Image: Travel360

So just to clarify, Zouk as a whole will still be around. Just keep an eye out for any future projects and all that food goodness.

Me personally? Maybe if you go to Genting sometime in the future you can find me, chomping away at some luxurious food.

First things first, better start saving up though.


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