There’re Nasi Lemak & Hor Fun in 7-Eleven. Here’s Our Review


Did you know that you could buy ready-to-eat meals at your local 7-11? Most people go straight for a packet of instant noodles or cup noodles when they are feeling hungry and lazy, but why not head to your nearest 7-11 for one of their ready-to-eat meals?

Every 7-11 comes stocked with a variety of options, and if you have any doubts on the quality of food, no worries. We got your back. 

After the success of chicken rice, duck rice and carrot cake, they’ve just come out with other local favourites, nasi lemak and hor fun. We tried it and well, let’s just say that everyone in the office is dying for more.

Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak is classic Singaporean fare, so how could 7-11 not have this? At first glance, the ready-to-eat packet looks legit, like it was packed by a dedicated catering service. The whole packet is designed to be microwaveable for convenience, and that’s exactly what we did.

A quick microwave later, and we could already smell the fragrant aroma of a decent meal (in the entire office, no less!). The familiar Nasi Lemak smell is totally on point, which passed the first test.

The next test is the important one, however: the taste test.

As we opened the package, all the standard components of Nasi Lemak are there. There is a fried chicken wing, ikan bilis, peanuts, chilli and egg, along with the coconut milk rice. Looks perfectly alright so far.

As for the taste, the meal performed better than what was expected from a cheap, ready-to-eat instant meal from a convenience store. The ikan bilis, peanut and chilli were great, exactly like those in a fresh plate of Nasi Lemak. The chicken wing, however, lost its crispiness. This is entirely unavoidable, considering the meal is reheated.

The taste of the chicken did not disappoint, despite the less than stellar first impressions. Not up to the level of freshly fried wings, but close enough for a quick meal. The egg took the form of a small triangular slice, like those you would find in other packaged meals. The taste was basically the same as well.

The coconut milk rice, however, lacked the strong and sweet aroma of coconut milk that so many love. In this respect, the rice fell short of expectations. However, it still managed to perform as an example of decent instant rice.

The ready-to-eat Nasi Lemak gets 4/5 chicken wings from us, for being very affordable and decent for its price point. When you get sick of the hawker centre below your block, or when you’re hungry late at night, consider heading to the nearest 7-11 and grabbing one of these packets for a quick meal.

Hor Fun

Hor Fun is yet another classic meal, seen in almost every hawker centre. Fans speak of its smooth texture, its silky gravy and the abundant seafood/fish/beef etc. Hor Fun is great, but is 7-11’s ready-to-eat Hor Fun as great?

The packet is also microwaveable, like its comrade Nasi Lemak from before. We chucked it into the microwave as well.


When we peeled the cover to reveal the dish itself, we were pleasantly surprised. The bowl looked exactly like what you would find in a hawker centre, just with a little less ingredients. There were two shrimps, de-shelled (which could well be more than some other eateries), a single stalk of kai lan, and a surprising amount of fish cake.

All the ingredients were exactly what you would get in a normal hawker centre, just that they taste reheated (because they were). To be honest, they were totally fine, and you could probably fool the less discerning palate.

The gravy was fine as well. It managed to attain a degree of silkiness as was customary of a dish, and had the taste and aroma of a decent bowl of Hor Fun. The Hor Fun itself, however, fell prey to the process of reheating. The texture sailed below expectations, and very nearly crumbled in the mouth, without any of the chewiness.

The Hor Fun gets 3.5/5 shrimps from us, for being a decent substitute of traditional hawker Hor Fun for a low price point. Two shrimps were docked for the slightly disappointing texture of the noodles itself, but if we were being perfectly honest, this is about as good as reheated, ready-to-eat meals get.


7-11’s assortment of ready-to-eat meal packages is great for spicing up your suppers, especially when it’s late and nothing else is open. Compared to the standard instant noodles, this also provides a healthier choice!

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