There’s paid menstrual leave in some companies. Here’re the fascinating facts


Last Updated on 2016-06-16 , 9:15 am

Menstrual leave? What more, paid menstrual leave? Woahhh. Sounds like a good thing, no? Many of us here would kill to have such a thing. And there are actually companies in Asia that offer paid menstrual leave, serious. Well, here’s what you should know about this menstrual leave.

Japan offered it after WWII
It’s called seirikyuuka, and was offered when more women started entering the workforce. However, the amount of women taking such leave has fallen drastically.

Taiwan has started offering it
Newly stated in 2013 under the Act of Gender Equality in Employment, Taiwan offers 3 days of paid menstrual leave to women each year.

Indonesia offers it too but..
Most companies don’t follow the rule. Though Indonesian women are supposed to be granted two days off a month for menstrual leave, it is hardly adhered to.

Not many women support it
Women in America, that is. They don’t see it as something essential because some see it as special treatment. Women say that it should be enough to just pop a pill and some chocolates to control the pain. Surprising?

But they want their sick leave increased
No need for paid menstrual leave, but a definite need for more days of sick leave. Hmm..

Feminists find it insulting
Menstrual leave? Do you mean women are weak? Do you mean women need to stay home to nurse their uterus because of something so natural? (Well, yes some of us do actually.) Gender equality means no need for such a leave, heh.

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