There’s a 1km Food Street in Sentosa with IG-Worthy & Atas Hawker Foods

Image: Facebook (Sentosa (Official))

Dread 1 kilometre walks?

Well, you’re probably not gonna dread this one.

From 13 July to 29 July, a whole chunk of Siloso Beach will be dedicated to a kilometre-long food street known as Sentosa Grillfest. And true to its name…

It promises a whole load of awesome grill works.

Image: Sentosa Facebook Page

Excited? Because we definitely are. So without further ado, let’s just take a sneak peek at what this pseudo-Siloso Food Party…

…has to offer.

Tantalising fare

Happening from 6 – 11 p.m. on 13-15 July, 20-22 July and 27-29 July, enjoy a variety of island favourites and Singapore’s very own 2nd-generation hawkers, as they whip up a storm just for you. And of course, the accompanying sea breeze & live music and ambience performances just serve as the cherry on the cake.

Treat your taste buds to delectable fare such as…

Scallop with Mentaiko (One Faber Group)

Image: Sentosa Facebook Page

Hawaiian Corn (Ola Beach Club)

Image: Sentosa Facebook Page

Curry lamb skewers (Siloso Beach Resort)

Image: Sentosa Facebook Page

Octopus skewer (FOC Sentosa)

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Image: Sentosa Facebook Page

Salted egg waffle (Wave house Sentosa)

Image: Sentosa Facebook Page
Image: Giphy

Do be prepared, however, to “fight” for the food, seeing how the original post has pretty much gone viral.

Image: Sentosa Facebook Page

*food fight*

So what are you waiting for?

Mark down your calendars, and prepare for some fare of gastronomic proportions.

  • July 13 — 15
  • July 20 — 22
  • July 27 — 29

Time: 6:00 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Admission is free.

See you there!

On another note

This fest is not to be confused with the FUEGO Feast, which is, to put it very nicely, a total disaster. And I’m being complimentary. Like legit.

Proclaiming itself to be “Singapore’s first grill festival”, FUEGO Feast 2018 certainly had the aspects to make it big. For starters, the event was held in conjunction with four organisations, one of which is the holy Singapore Tourism Board. And that’s like the number one keyword to know whether something’s legit.

For another, the organisers promised unlimited servings of grilled fare for a ticket of $90+. Expensive, definitely, but the concept was no doubt interesting.

Image: FUEGO Feast Facebook Page

So with such prospective features, one would normally expect the event to be successful, if not spawn future editions in consecutive years. If you happen to think the same…

You’re wrong. Like really wrong.

Just look at all the satisfied customers out there.

Image: FUEGO Feast 2018 Facebook Page

Image: FUEGO Feast 2018 Facebook Page
Image: FUEGO Feast 2018 Facebook Page
Image: FUEGO Feast 2018 Facebook Page

They’re so satisfied I can just feel all the happiness energy draining over here. Hello can someone top up the happiness meter again. Thanks.

And apparently, organisational issues played a major part too, with people cutting queue, flies and bugs landing on food and the lack of tables just some of the many complaints people had with the event.

In fact, it got a point where the event organiser had to release a public apology.

Image: FUEGO Feast 2018 Facebook Page

If you can’t read it, here’s the apology in full:

“To everyone we have disappointed tonight:

We are truly sorry about the poor experience we delivered in the last couple of sessions. We have grossly overestimated our rate of production and capability, resulting in the long wait time and insufficient food, among other things. 

We DID NOT deliver the experience we promised and marketed to you. And in our haste to fix our problem, we managed to only refund a number of you when we should have offered everyone affected a deserved refund. The leadership of FUEGO would like to sincerely apologize and to make an open call to everyone whose evening we’d ruined to contact us for your money back. 

The team has learned a valuable lesson. We’d reflected on every detail that went into the big mistake. And we will be making critical changes to our production and service plan for the last day of the festival – tomorrow. 

We are currently working hard to do better tomorrow and we hope the customers who have bought Sunday tickets to stick with us and still give us a go. 

Again, we are sorry for what happened and we thank you for choosing our event. – The FUEGO Team”

And even then not everyone was appeased.

Image: FUEGO Feast 2018 Facebook Page

With that said

Sentosa Grillfest and FUEGO Feast 2018 are entirely separate entities, so don’t boycott Sentosa’s latest gimmick just because of some… bones.

Rather, head down to Sentosa’s shores and have a blast tasting all the delectable fare available there. Because like every smart business out there…

They would surely have the sense to learn from other organisers’ failures.

Image: Just Dance Wiki – Fandom

Now you know what Singaporeans are talking about today; do check back tomorrow for another piece of news of the day!