There’s a Cute Bubble Tea Night Lamp That’s Selling for SGD$16

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Here’s a story.

There was a boy who liked drinking Bubble Tea. He liked bubble tea so much he drank it every day. Anywhere you find the boy, he is holding a cup and chewing on Tapioca pearls.

Even after years of chewing and drinking, he didn’t stop. But after drinking so much bubble tea, he began to fear for his life. What if, just what if, Bubble Teas have a conscious?

Will he be able to live on knowing that he is responsible for the deaths of so many bubble tea? Some days he would have nightmares about this. Living bubble tea cups assaulting him for the murdering of their brethren.

One day, he woke up abruptly from the nightmare, and he looked to his side table.

Bubble Tea?

It is a Bubble Tea. Staring into him. Not doing anything else. Just staring.

Image: Smoko


Image: Giphy

And then he realised it’s just a lamp and turned it off.

Image: Smoko


I’m guessing you’re not having nightmares like the boy, but if you happen to like Bubble Tea and find food with smiley faces cute, Smoko is selling a bubble tea lamp for US$16.

At the time of checking, it was actually on discount at US$12 or approximately S$16.

There are actually fake pearls inside.

Image: Smoko

And you can shake it.

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Shake that milk tea.

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The lamp is battery operated and turns off automatically after an hour.

Image: Smoko

Other cute things

You really don’t think they can survive only on selling bubble tea with faces, don’t you? They sell animal shaped hand warmers, plushies, USB drives, USB lights, and anything that looks cute.

Except I’m only showing the food pictures because I’m biased (*COUGH* writer’s profile *COUGH*).

What’s the best part about a toast? What’s inside, right?

Image: Smoko

Are you angry at someone now, and can’t get him or her out of your mind? Well, watch this video and you’ll know what to do next:

Sushi lovers, you’re going to love this.

Image: Smoko

No, XLB should never be that cute. Else how would you eat xlbs in the future?


Image: Smoko

After buying this cutified food, are you really going to eat them again knowing that they can be this cute?

At night, it’ll be staring. Plotting murder for all the xiaolongbaos you’ve murdered eaten. The orange dots also happen to be tears.

Image: Smoko

Actually, yes, I am.


You can check out their store right here.

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