There’s a Hidden Function in Samsung Phones That Could Save Your Life

Last Updated on 2020-12-14 , 11:50 am

Imagine this: You’re walking home at 2.00 a.m. on a deserted road and suddenly, you felt pain in your chest.

You dropped to the ground, and as you lay on the ground in pain, you pressed a button on your phone and said, “Help…heart…help.”

After lying motionless there for ten minutes, an ambulance appeared out of nowhere and sent you to a hospital.

No, it’s not God who has heard your plea for help. It’s your Samsung phone. Or to be more specific, your love ones who heard your call and knew exactly where you were.

Known as Safety Assistance in Samsung phones, it is one function that most of us won’t know of.

How it works is simple: for example, for most Samsung phones, when you press the power/lock button three times fast or the down volume for three seconds, it’ll automatically send an SMS to up to four people with this information: your exact location, an image taken by the camera, five seconds of audio recording and a text: “I need help.”

That being said, even if you can’t say anything (e.g. in an event of a kidnap or robbery), you just need to point the camera at an angle to show your danger.

While it will not automatically call the police or the ambulance, it will notify those who are in your “ICE” (in case of emergency) contacts who would then have to decide whether it’s a legit help or a mis-press of a button.

So, how do you activate it? Simply do this (not all Samsung phones have this function, but the newer ones would have):

  • Go to settings, then go to Quick Settings (in some phones,  it could be under Advanced Features)
  • Select Safety Assistance or SOS Message
  • Check the boxes
  • Select your ICE contacts
  • Test it
  • Notify the contacts that you’ve set them to be an ICE contacts (if not, they’ll be surprised to suddenly receive a help message from you!)

So, if, you’re using a Samsung phone, do yourself a favour and activate this function now!

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