There’s a Jacket By Fila That Looks Similar to Foodpanda Uniform

As a young kid growing up in the suburbs of Choa Chu Kang, I’ve always had a fascination with food deliverymen, because they just come off as such… cool human beings. Feeding hungry mouths whether it be rain or shine?


As such, I would always tell my mum this:

“Mum, when I grow up I wanna be a Foodpanda deliveryman!”

And she will smile and put her hand on my shoulder.


After that she threatened to kick me out of the house, so suffice it to say that my dreams of being an honarary S-grade deliveryman were unceremoniously ended before they even began.

Then fifteen years down the road, I saw this.

Image: Mothership

See Mum…

Being a deliveryman IS cool.


If you’ve no idea what Fila is, here’s a brief history class.

Image: Tillys

Started back as an Italian brand back in 1911, the now-Korean sportswear company is currently one of the top sportswear companies in the world, with sheer ingenuity and flair going into each and every one of its apparel.

So really, Fila’s pretty much something to go for when you feel like being the cool kid on the block.

Image: Giphy

And with that said, here’s the Fila Black Line Levi Overhead Jacket With Reflective Panel In Pink. Stylish and aesthetic, it’s originally priced on ASOS at S$151.

Image: Asos

Isn’t it marvelous? The details, fine print, and colours just mesh to form…

Hold on a darn second.

Isn’t that outfit…

This guy’s property?

image: FoodPanda

But wait, let me just double check real quick again.

Image: ASOS
Image: ASOS

It’s clear.

Fila has officially partnered up with Foodpanda (not lah, we made that up).


Geezus Prist.

And it seems that I’m not the only one who thought that.

Image: Mothership

Holy shettt it’s realllll.

Uncanny resemblance

For comparison’s sake, here’s a Foodpanda jacket…

Image: (yeah, they say you can find anything in Carousell and they were right)

And the aforementioned Fila jacket.

Image: ASOS
Image: Giphy

#foodpandaiscool #cantgetanycoolerthanthat

So the next time you laugh at a Foodpanda deliveryman…

You’re really laughing at yourself, because he/she’s way cooler than you. #filapproved

Plus, they’re pretty much the firefighters of the food industry, in the sense that they help feed hungry mouths that are desperate for food, regardless of whether it’s sunny, raining, hailing or snowing out there.

So really, I have nothing but respect for them.

Image: Giphy



P.s. guess I know what I’m gonna have for dinner later on.

Some good old tze char courtesy of FoodPanda, maybe? 😉



(P.S. Anyone thinking of buying this and going around with your e-scooter? For some reason, if it’s a food delivery personnel riding recklessly, we always close one eye ‘coz they’re on a mission to save someone’s stomach. Wear this and you won’t be judged when on a PMD, no?)

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