There’s A Super Cute Snorlax Sofa But It Doesn’t Ship To S’pore

In this time of age, humans rave primarily over one thing:

Cute stuff.

I mean; just look at the world around you. Hello Kitty taking over everything from EZ-Link cards to cup holders? Detective Pikachu making adult dudes and women alike croon ‘awwww’? Thor being all bright-eyed in MIB: International?

There’s a conspiracy going on here, and it’s cute.

And I haven’t even touched on the pinnacle of cuteness itself: Snorlax.

Image: Game Rant

Impossibly big and lazy, Snorlax is like the very definition of cute. In fact, it probably wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Snorlax coined the term ‘cute’.

And people certainly go gaga over it too. Snorlax-themed EZ-Link cards, Snorlax bedroom slippers that snore when you walk in them, entire Snorlax plushies you can sleep on…

It’s crazy.

And just when you thought that the Snorlax craze couldn’t get any more toxic, here they go again, this time with a goddamn Snorlax-themed sofa you can actually sit back on.

Image: Cellutane

So. ****ing. Cute.

You Can Now Sit Against Snorlax’s Face

According to Mothership, Cellutane, the Japanese furniture company that created an actual bread-shaped sofa, is back at it again with their latest Snorlax-themed rendition.

And this time there’s a Pokeball accessory, not to contain Snorlax, but to rest your feet on.

Image: Cellutane
Image: Cellutane

Also, there are supposed instructions on how you should fully ‘utilise’ this Snorlax sofa.

Image: Cellutane

Though we reckon you can sit a lot more informally than the lady who’s doing so below.

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Image: Cellutane

And of course, what’s a Snorlax sofa if you’re not gonna show it off to your three less deserving pals, right?

Image: Cellutane

Hah, sit back on those sorry asses while I recline on this big, ass lazy chump here, pals.

Specs and prices

Should you be wondering about the more materialistic parts of it, here are the specs of the Snor-fa and Pokeball cushion.

Image: Cellutane

At 9.7KG, the sofa’s laid out with a length size of 890mm and a breadth of 765mm. Pretty sturdy in my opinion, and it should be able to support a moderate amount of weight.

Also, here’re the prices to stave off those empty wallets.

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Image: Cellutane

If you don’t Japanese, the sofa and Pokeball set will set you back a rough 34,599 yen (S$436.54), while the Snorlax sofa alone costs 24,800 Yen (S$312.90). But before you rush off to place some online bookings, I regret to inform you that thus far…

It doesn’t appear to be shipping to Singapore anytime soon.


Though hey, one can always keep their fingers crossed;

And hope that one day, the Snorlax sofa will be a distinct reality right there in our homes. 

Image: Giphy


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