There’s A Thai Hipster Pasar Malam Happening at Marina Bay This Weekend (31 Aug to 1 Sept)

Singaporeans love going to Thailand. Some because they love the slower pace of life in the country.

Some because they can shop to their hearts’ content there.

Image: Anirut Thailand /

And some, because of the food.

Image: Zhukov Oleg /

Well, if you happen to be the third group of people and love green curry crispy chicken rendang, I’ve something to tell you.

Cancel all your weekend appointments.

Instead, make your way down to the Lawn @ Marina Bay. With as many friends as you can get.

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Another Thai Food Festival Coming To Singapore This Weekend

Image: Chang Sensory Trails

And it’s brought to you by Chang beer. Yup, the Thai beer that people who can’t hold their alcohol loves.

From 31 Aug (that’s tomorrow, by the way) to 1 Sep 2018, Chang is bringing their third-edition Chang Sensory Trails to you. Or what my boss likes to say, a hipster Thai Pasar Malam.

Expect authentic Thai cuisine from well-known Thai restaurants in Singapore, beautiful drawings from local artists and live music by local bands to serenade you while you’re eating.

What type of food will you be looking at?

Let’s get into the meaty details first. What kind of food are you looking at the festival?

Thai Style Prime Ribs with Aroydee Signature Sauce

Image: Chang Sensory Trails

Imagine tender prime ribs, infused with fragrant Thai herbs and dropped into boiling hot oil. That’s as close to perfection as you can get when it comes to Thai fried cuisine.

The dish comes with three different sauces. Oh, and you might want to get an ice-cold Chang beer to wash everything down.

Like the alcoholic in my office always say, nothing washes down fried food better than a cold glass of beer.

Fried Shrimp and Pork Paste Toast

Image: Chang Sensory Trails

Home-made shrimp and pork paste on a toast and fried till crispy and golden brown? French toast has nothing on this dish.

Tom Yum Spam Fries

Image: Chang Sensory Trails

Nope, not just any ordinary spam. It’s golden brown spam drizzled with special spice powder. Nice.

Watermelon Fried Rice

Image: Chang Sensory Trails

You’ve heard of Pineapple fried rice but have you ever tried Watermelon fried rice before? And it has salted egg fried fish skin as one of the ingredients. Anything with salted egg fish skin is good. #NothingButTheTruth

Grilled Pork Skewers

Image: Chang Sensory Trails

The first street food I’ve ever had on the streets of Bangkok is the pork skewers. Juicy, tender and marinated with some magical sauce you never knew existed, now you can have the authentic thing without using your passport liao.

And trust me when I say that these are just the tip of the iceberg. There’s way more food at the festival than what we can list here.

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Enjoy Your Food While Admiring Local Artworks & Music

The artwork of Singaporean illustrator, GalactikCaptain from the Band of Doodlers will be featured everywhere in the festival.

And by everywhere, we mean everywhere. From the front of the food booths to the table tops as well as the photo wall. So not only do you admire his artwork, you can take the time to get some good shots for your IG account as well.

Plus, local band O.K Ready! will be rocking your night on 31 Aug.

And 53A on 1 September

While you enjoy the spread of authentic Thai cuisine.

And the best part? Admission is free!

So there you go, now you know what to do this weekend liao, right? Time to jio your friends out this weekend liao!

You’re welcome! 😉

  • Where: The Lawn @ Marina Bay
  • When: 31 Aug – 1 Sep, 4-10 pm

Now let me try and convince my boss that we need to go for this event (read: get him to pay for our food).

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