There’s a Yu Sheng in S’pore that People Who are Vegetarian or Allergic to Seafood can Makan As Well

It’s often not easy to order something everyone likes, especially when they have different needs.

If someone is unable to consume prawns, fishes, and the like? Alright, no seafood for you. If someone else is unable to take dairy products? Maybe you’ll refrain from adding cheese to your finger food.

Oh, did someone mention they’re vegetarian? That’s it. Everyone gets to eat rabbit food. Okay, maybe not that bad but you get what we mean.

When dealing with a dish mixing all kinds of ingredients like Yu Sheng, getting what everyone likes to eat is almost mission impossible.

Notice we said almost? Yeah, there’s a solution.

ParkRoyal on Beach Road CNY Buffet with Unlimited Servings of Yuu Sheng + More

ParkRoyal on Beach Road is the perfect place to have your Yu Sheng if you’re facing this problem because, like their name, they treat you like royalty.

Their Yu Sheng comes with chicken skin (for those who can’t take seafood), without meat (for vegetarians) and of course, everything in for those who eats anything. And the best part? The whole table doesn’t have to eat the same thing. Just let them know and they’ll do the job. 

In other words, customised Yu Sheng! Yipee!

It’s Not Just Limited to Yu Sheng

When it comes to this particular place, it’s the exact opposite of limited; in fact, you can call it unlimited. Unlimited servings of crabs and yu sheng, that is.

When you dine there, it’ll be a buffet setting with unlimited servings for each person, with all dietary needs taken into consideration. That way, everyone will be able to enjoy the special Lunar New Year dish without having to compromise on the food!

Yu Sheng has, well, never been so efficient. Or delicious. Deep fried chicken skin and fried salmon skin are also available for those who desire something crunchy, and they taste great alongside the honey drizzled vegetables.

Oh, in addition, they have dishes like Garlic Fried Chicken in salted egg yolk sauce, for those who can and want to try something different. Boneless Duck With Eight Treasures is another interesting dish that is sure to be gold in your top foods list.

And of course, let’s not forget the crabs. After all, they’re famous for their crabs in Singapore. Let me reiterate: unlimited servings, guys.

Already salivating over the mere description of such fantastic dishes? Check out ParkRoyal for more details about their buffet, and prepare to be amazed by the feast that awaits you!

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This article was first published on and written in collaboration with PARKROYAL on Beach Road.