There’s Apparently Snake Brand Prickly Heat Shower Gel, Perfect for People Who Want to Relive Their NS Days

The Snake Brand Prickly Heat powder goes back way back with Singaporeans and we are familiar with it.

Its miraculous uses are endless, including acting as an insect repellent, remedying rashes, and many more. You can check out our article on its uses here.

I’ve personally also seen people use it to smoothen Carrom boards to allow its pieces to slide easier. In case you don’t know what’s a Carrom board, it’s this old school board game:

Image: Cobra Sports Sdn Bhd

But its most famous usage of all in Singapore is perhaps being utilised for “powder baths” by our dear soldiers.

Men who have been through National Service, you know what I’m talking about.

We’ve all been stuck outfield, sometimes in jungles, with our body odour taking a toll due to lack of proper hygiene options. Or maybe you were feeling really warm and developing a heat rash, and you needed to cool your body. Either way, this cooling powder was a god-sent elixir for us all.

Do you sometimes miss it? Do you want to relive your NS days? Or do you simply want to experience powder baths again?

If you do, you need to get your head checked are in luck!

A Snake Brand Prickly Heat Shower Gel Exists

That’s right, Snake Brand Prickly Heat has a shower gel product. Are you stuck between having a powder bath for nostalgia’s sake and actually taking a normal shower like a normal person?

Choose no longer! Your dilemma is now solved.

Renown Singaporean radio DJ and actor Zhou Chong Qing was overseas in Bangkok when he uncovered this treasure unknown to Singaporeans and quickly shared it on his Facebook account.

Image: Facebook

According to the actor, the shower gel maintains all the cooling properties of its powder counterpart, especially in the groin area.

He also stated that he purchased the product in Bangkok and thus was unsure of its availability in Singapore.

But don’t worry, after some research, we have confirmed that it does exist in our Little Red Dot.

Local Retailer Sells It Too

A local retail shop known as “Face And Body” has it available in their stores at $13.90 SGD for a package of 2 bottles.

Image: Face And Body

They have two online stores – their official website and a Qoo10 account, as well as two physical outlets – one at Lucky Plaza (#03-79) and one at Golden Mile Complex (#01-66H and #02-43). So they’ve got you covered regardless of your preferred mode of purchase.

If you prefer a physical purchase,  take note of their contact numbers. 6294 2279 / 8498 3084 (Golden Mile Complex) and 8498 3084 (Lucky Plaza).

Given how Zhou Chong Qing’s post has gone viral, it’s highly plausible that it might be sold out by now.

Best to contact them beforehand to prevent making a wasted trip down. Don’t say we never warn you hor.

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