There’s Going to be a Bubble Tea Subscription Plan By Grab for $9 from 18 Oct 2019

Your artery doesn’t carry fresh red blood, but brown concentrated milk tea.

Your organs aren’t made of tissue—they’re made of tapioca.

People need food to survive, but you need bubble tea instead.

If all of the above relates to you, then this’s going to be sweet news to you.

You’re going to get diabetes sooner or later.

And incidentally, there’s also a subscription plan that’ll bring diabetes to you quicker.

Introducing the Grab Bubble Tea Subscription Plan, a plan that’d make Health Promotion Board jump in frustration.

Grab Bubble Tea Subscription Plan

Bubble tea is bae – so bae that we’ve done a video about it before (also check out our Instagram for more videos leh):

Typically, a bubble tea from big brands would usually cost $3 to $5.

What if you can get them at more than 50% discount?

Well, you can, with this plan.

Grab has collaborated with four bubble chains, namely Gong Cha, LiHo, Woobbee and iTea, to come out with a subscription plan that’ll be available to Grab users from 18 October 2019.

For a month, you can buy five $3 vouchers for merely $9.

In other words, you pay $9 and get $15 worth of vouchers that can be used in the above-mentioned bubble tea stores.

The only catch? You need to be using GrabPay. Which I think every Grab user is using it, anyways.

And if you’re new to GrabPay, you just need to pay $5 for the $15 vouchers.

Image: Tenor

I can see HPB sending a SWAT team to Grab’s HQ now.

This price’s valid for the first month, so it’s unknown if they’re going to increase the “subscription fee” soon.

But even 5% off any bubble tea is a winner, given that a Grab study indicates that there has been a whopping 700% increase in bubble tea order in Singapore from May to December last year.

I’m 101% certain that come 18 October 2019, you’d see youngsters bringing their parents to bubble tea shops more. #geddit?


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