There’s a Hidden Makan Gem in Town That Sells XXL Chicken Cutlet Bigger Than Your Face

Last Updated on 2017-07-08 , 4:36 pm

Korean wave might be all the rage right now but let’s face it, there’s always space in our hearts—or stomachs to be exact—for Taiwanese fare.

Singaporeans love going to Taiwan: some for shopping, rest and relaxation. But most, if not all of us, can’t help but look forward to the food. What if I were to tell you that there’s a place in Singapore itself selling delicious Taiwanese food? And not only that, it has branches in different parts of the world and is amazingly popular in the US? 

You cannot miss this makan place or you’ve really never lived.

CheersCut, a Humble Food Stall in FoodRepublic

Selling Taiwanese fare, this stall might look small and unassuming, but they’re actually a pretty big deal. As in worldwide-sized big deal.

CheersCut can be found in different parts of the world, and they’re incredibly popular in New York, especially for their chicken cutlets. They were featured in Insider Food, and the feature video itself garnered over 5 million views.

Previously located in JEM where they dazzled locals (read: westies) with their snacks and squids, they relocated to Shaw Centre and opened up about a week ago. 

CheersCut XXL Chicken Cutlet is Bigger than Your Face

To demonstrate the humongous size of their chicken cutlet, we decide to measure it against Cassandra’s face. Of course, it must be mentioned that her face is pretty small. At least that’s what she said. 

The thing that impressed us the most was the fact that even though the cutlet is huge, it’s thick as well. 

The chicken is extremely tender, most likely because the stall only uses fresh chicken for their cutlet, and it is well-flavoured. The owners said the chicken was marinated for 48 hours with 24 different herbs. The flour used, they say, is a mixture of three different flours imported directly from Taiwan.

The chicken cutlet comes with a choice of three different sauces – honey mustard, Sichuan chilli and teriyaki. Our favourite is the honey mustard.

Samurai Chicken Rice Set

Interested in a more wholesome meal? Check out their signature Samurai Chicken Crispy Rice Set which gives a smaller piece of their famous chicken cutlet and high-quality Japanese rice to complete the meal. 

CheersCut Braised Pork Rice

Okay, this deserves a special mention. The owners claimed that they have the best braised pork rice (滷肉饭) in town. After trying it for ourselves, we might have to agree.

They only use high-quality Japanese rice which has amazing fragrance and texture. Combine that with their delicious, flavorful braised pork which requires 3 hours of cooking time and a secret recipe, and you have a winner. This is one of their bestsellers too.

Other Than New York, Singapore’s is the Only Other Outlet That Has Grilled Items

If you’re a fan of Taiwan’s night market street food, chances are you love the grilled items there. Here’s how you can taste some without your passport!

Fun fact: people all over the world might just be envious of us. Other than New York and Singapore, their branches in the other countries do not offer grill items on their menu. 

Feast on delicious grilled teriyaki chicken, grilled squid or even grilled beef cubes and laugh at the unfortunate souls who can’t get what you have. We’ve tried a couple and man, we got to say, the taste is intense

And a plus point? It’s pretty affordable too!

Don’t Miss Their Fried Monster Squid

Personally, this is our top pick of the day – the fried monster squid. If you can’t get enough of sotong legs at Old Chang Kee, chances are you’ll fall in love with this. It’s crispy on the outside but amazingly chewy on the inside. Add some honey mustard sauce and you’re good to go. 

Oh, by the way, we have something special for you guys. Show this article or the link to CheersCut@Shaw Centre Food Republic before 1 Apr 2017 and they’ll give you a 10% off. Don’t say we bojio, okay?

Time to jio all your makan kakis out for a nice dinner liao! Cheap, big and good. What more can you ask for, right?

CheersCut, FoodRepublic Stall 4
350 Orchard Rd, B1-02 Shaw Centre, Singapore 238868

This article was first published on and is written in collaboration with CheersCut.