There’s Nothing Wrong With Being Single. Here’s Why You Should Embrace It.


There are probably times when you start looking around you and you see people you know like friends with their significant others and you ask yourself, “Why can’t I have that?”

If you’ve been single for as long as you can remember or have just recently entered Singledom and you’re worried you’ll grow old alone, and die a sad lonely death, this article is for you.

Image: From the movie ‘How To Be Single’.

The truth of the matter is, not every one of us is as lucky to find love like most people but just because you’re still single, it doesn’t mean you’re the unfortunate one. In fact, being single is a privilege that most people often take for granted.

Sure, being in love and having to share your life with another person is no doubt, a beautiful thing. However, worrying about finding love and making it a mission of yours only makes you miss out on what’s more important in life, and that’s to live it to the fullest. Guys, it’s the 21st century.

No one’s going to condemn you for not settling down before 30—Unless it’s your parents then that’s a different story. But honestly, there’s so much more to life than that and once you realize this, you’ll see that there’s actually so much more to live for.


Take being single as an opportunity to grow as an individual and a journey for self-discovery. It’s a chance to get more in touch with who you are and a time to continue improving yourself without worrying what anyone else thinks.

When you start accepting Singledom and allow yourself to embrace it, it will help you build character and allow you to get to know yourself better as well as teach you how to value yourself and know your worth. So if you ask me, being single is far from being the worst thing to ever happen to anyone. As a matter of fact, it might just be the best thing that could happen to you!


Besides that, being single definitely does have its perks. You call the shots in your life and there’s no need for you to ask permission from another person.


You learn to rely on yourself more therefore, you are independent and that’s a great thing. There are also no restrictions when it comes to doing the things that you want to do like going out and meeting new people, for instance. You also get to spend extra on yourself and spoil yourself rotten because hey, who are you splitting the bill with again? Exactly.

So if you’ve been struggling with being single all this while, know that the more you sulk over it, the more you repel love from finding you. Let nature take its course. In the meantime, enjoy Singledom for as long as you can because people are more drawn to you when you radiate good vibes. Remember, it’s a liberating thing to be single—Not a curse.

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