There’s Now a Mala Murtabak in MacPherson Road

Image: Facebook (Casuarina Curry MacPherson Rd)

There are some food combinations that only gastronomic geniuses can come up with.

Like marshmallows with popcorn.


Or scrambled eggs with peanut butter.

Image: refinery29

Well, Casuarina Curry might have something that’ll top these two weirdly delicious items.

Oral harmony 

The Indian joint has rumbled some stomachs recently with the introduction of their Mala Murtabak. 

I know, I know. You’ve never had your mouth water and your bowels shiver at the same time.

For those who’ve had a sad life and not tried either of these items, Mala sauce is a spicy and numbing Chinese sauce, while Murtabak is a savoury Indian pancake stuffed with meat.

According to their Facebook page, Casuarina Curry’s Mala sauce is “made from scratch” by their chefs with Enoki mushrooms, Chinese cabbage, freshly chopped onions, chicken cubes, and is topped with homemade Mala mayo.

The new menu item was introduced on 3 August 2019 and will only be available at their MacPherson outlet.

According to the Indian restaurant, Mala Murtabaks have been flying off the shelves (or pans, rather).

Image: Facebook (Casuarina Curry MacPherson Rd)

One wonders how the spicy and numbing sauce will pair with the beefy savoury pancake. It could be a flavourful match made in heaven or a gastric clash of the Titans.

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There’s only one way to find out.

In this divisive time of brownfaces and racial raps, let this blend of Chinese and Indian dishes melt all your troubles away.

It might melt other things too, like your tongue and intestines, but it might be worth it.