These Keychains Serve as an Ez-Link & Are Cool AF


Last Updated on 2016-11-15 , 6:25 pm

Sick of the same old rectangle cards you use for transport every single day? Even though there are many limited designs EZ-link card released, it’s still quite boring to use merely a card. There’s nothing unique.

So here’s something different you can consider getting.


They look like your typical mobile phone accessories, yet have the exact same purpose as a normal EZ-link card but in a cooler form! You won’t forget to bring your EZ-link card out anymore as it will be strapped onto your mobile devices! Unless of course you decide to hang it somewhere else or not hang it anywhere at all then the chances of you misplacing these ez-charms are very high.

The designs are simple yet adorable/cool. The first EZ-charms launched were the hello kitty ones.


Unfortunately, the hello kitty is not available now as it was long sold out. It was launched back in April 2015.


So here’s two new designs that were released 2 months ago – limited editions Batman vs Superman EZ-charms and StarWars BB-8 EZ-charms! They are selling at $29.90 each (exclusive of delivery fees).


The limited edition Badman vs Superman EZ-charm is already sold out but the BB-8 is still in stock! So hurry get your hands on one before it’s sold out as well! You can get them here

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