Here Are The Things You Need to Do on 初七, Which is Everyone’s Birthday


Last Updated on 2023-01-22 , 6:08 pm

Enjoying your Chinese New Year so far?

I mean, endless bak kwa, ang baos, and plenty of ban luck, what more can you look forward to?

How about your birthday?

And by that, I mean 初七, the seventh day of the Lunar New Year, which is also known as 人日.

Belief of 初七

Chinese legends say that 女娲, the goddess who created the earth created humans on this very day.

There are two versions of the legend:

According to one of the legends, 女娲 (nuwa) and Fuxi, her brother, retired to Kunlun Mountain after surviving a calamity which wiped out all lives on earth.


Praying to the divine emperor, they received his blessings to procreate and create the human race for the planet.

In another legend, it was said that 女娲 created different animals on different days as she wanted company.

On the seventh day, she created humans from yellow clay and made her creations come to life.

No matter which version you believe in, the seventh day is the day where the goddess 女娲 created the human race.

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What should you do during the seventh day?

So on that day, is there anything special you must do?

To celebrate 女娲’s creation of humans on this very day, some people stick to vegetarian food on this day.

Also, you have to eat longevity noodles to signify a long and happy life.

Some parents also make porridge for their kids because they believe this will help them get good grades in exams.

So students, take note eh.

And of course, don’t forget yu sheng

The highlight of any Chinese New Year, eating yu sheng.

I mean, when else can you legitimately make a mess in your grandparents’ house and not get scolded for it?

Every time you eat yu sheng, you need to scream out auspicious new year sayings that can vary from good health to flying higher in your career.

Here’s a list if you don’t know what to say.

So there you go, things you need to know and do on your birthday during the Lunar New Year.


Better do them hor so you’ll have a huat year ahead.

You’re welcome 😉

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