This Beggar Begs in the Morning & Party at Night with Alcohol & Girls

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How would you feel if you found out the hard earned money of yours that was given to that pitiful looking person on the street wind up being spent by him/her drinking and clubbing away?

I honestly don’t know anyone else who deserves “the most stupid person on the planet for 2016 award” other than this guy named Benjamin Holst. Just think about it for a second – would you publicise on your social media about the exam script you got an A but you cheated on that exam?

This 30-year-old guy German national has a condition called macrodystrophia lipomatosis – a rare disease which caused his left leg to be extremely swollen. So naturally, if most of us saw someone like that begging on the street looking oh so pitiful we would give him some of the loose change on us right?

That’s what this a-hole knew and took advantage of the humanity in us.


If you guys remember, sometime last year, there was a Facebook post which went viral. The post was talking about Benjamin Holst, who was left homeless in Thailand after he lost his passport and he has no money for food.

The post went viral and in the end, the Thailand embassy gave him shelter and he also received THB50,000 (about SGD$1,970) from Deutscher Hilfsverein Thailand, an organization that helps German citizens, for him to book his flight home.


To the horror of all the people who helped him, he was spotted spending the money to party with some girls in Pattaya – which is also a place that is known to be the Geylang (red light district) of Singapore in Thailand. When the authorises heard of the news, he was immediately deported out of Thailand in September last year.


You would think he’d be back in German by then. But nope, he stopped by Demark and was up to his old tricks again. Earlier this year, he was spotted doing the exact same thing in the Philippines.

The next stop for Benjamin Holst was Los Angeles city. Looks like he managed to con even more people as he was seen enjoying an even more luxurious night life. He uploaded pictures of bar girls in LA as well as his room even which has a Jacuzzi.


He is enjoying life more than most Singaporeans who are zombies working 9 to 5 every weekdays and yet can’t afford such luxurious lifestyle like what Benjamin Holst is living right now.

But nevertheless, we may be earning lesser than Benjamin Holst, but at least our conscience is clear.

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