China Hotel Wanted Someone To Take Home Karen Mok’s Used Bedsheets & Towels; Netizens Triggered

Image: Karen Mok Facebook, Hotel Movenpick Enshi


Before I continue: yes, you’ve heard right:

Used bedsheets and towels.

No, no Mo Xiao Ling’s.

Image: Facebook

Karen Mok.

Image: Jaynestars

Doesn’t matter who the celebrity is, you say. I’m utterly disgusted by the hotel’s even mere suggestion of this matter.

Tell me if you’re willing to share your friend’s kway chap soup or ice kacang. Yes, the first taste.

Image: Giphy

Tell me if you wanna share your girlfriend’s tissue she has just sneezed into…Are you nuts, for real?

Exactly my response to this piece of s…. news.


A Marketing Stunt Gone Pungent

Image: Karen Mok Facebook

Hong Kong Singer-Star Karen Mok recently stayed over at the Movenpick Hotel Enshi in Hubei when she was in the city for a concert.

Nothing extraordinary with the statement, except this hotel decided to ride upon the fact of her stay and create something… well, extraordinary. 

(After all, who doesn’t make a big fuss over some celebrity staying in their place?)

Their marketing team put out an ad in Chinese with the (translated) tagline:

“Goddess Mok has left Enshi but her warmth and smell still linger and it’s waiting for you tonight.”


The Movenpick Hotel Enshi in Hubei had set up a campaign which asked potential guests to bid for the used accessories of the room Mok had stayed in.

As if the ignorance of the basics of hygiene wasn’t enough, the hotel even mentioned that the winner could strip Mok’s suite of “all the bedding, except the mattress”.

Part of the package includes the towel and toiletries used by the goddess.

Her lingeri.. I mean lingering scent has long gone from the room lah, logic be damned.

I doubt germs would linger that short a time, though.

The starting bid for the package was 8,800 yuan (S$1,706) with each new bid to be raised by 500 yuan.

Cue Backlash

Netizens, of course, jumped on the ad before you even had time to say “Dan”!

They slammed the stunt as against the basics of privacy, and also for being downright creepy (Personally, I would just get her autograph. Maybe even a song album. All within basic, needlessly unspoken human decency).

Mok’s team has also criticized the hotel for damaging the singer’s reputation.

Image: Movenpick Hotel Enshi

To salvage stormed waters, the five-star hotel released a statement of apology. As any decent being/organization would have done after such public outrage.


They have also since been fined an undisclosed sum by the authorities.

Yet such bad taste oft lingers in the gums and root canals of one’s mouth.

Like discarded lingerie. 


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