This Goat in M’sia Went Viral on FB & Twitter For Being Handsome


Nowadays, it seems that one key ingredient is necessary to go viral on the net.

Good looks.

I mean; just look around you.


Image: Mothership


Image: Hardwarezone


Image: Facebook

Simply put, as long as you’re a good-looking fellow and qualify as ‘a fresh piece of meat’, you’re sure to go viral.


And to support my case, I present Remos, the handsome fella…

Who also happens to be an 11-month-old billy goat at Muhammad Livestock Farm in Perak, Malaysia.

Image: Muhamad Livestock Farm Facebook Page

Yes, folks, this goat went viral for being handsome. Exceptionally handsome.

PSA: To those with a fetish for handsome goats, kindly close this article right now.

We don’t want any more convicted furry rapists on the loose, thank you very much.

This Goat in M’sia Went Viral For Being Handsome

Do you think you’re a handsome, good-looking fella? Well, if you do, just know that over in Malaysia…

There’s a goat more photogenic than you.

Meet Remos, the 11-month-old billy goat.

Image: Muhammad Livestock Farm

Blessed with the features of a Greek Goat, a mesmerising smize (a smile that reaches not just the mouth but eyes as well) and luscious golden locks, the handsome fella has gone viral on the net with over 1,700 reactions and more than 3,800 shares on the page, despite the photos being uploaded just three days ago.

And it seems that the goat’s conquering the Blue Bird as well, with its pictures garnering more than 22,000 retweets.

Well, that goat’s getting laid every day, that’s for sure.


Camera shy? Not even close

In an interview with myMetro, stock farmer Ahmad M Fadzir shared a rather interesting revelation:

Remos loves the camera, and would “pose” and “smile” whenever he sees one.

Image: Muhammad Livestock Farm

Well, that goat has huge shoes to fill once it breaks into Hollywood, that’s for sure.

According to Ahmad, he had bought Remos from another stock farmer in Terengganu for just RM750 (S$246.36).

“I was actually looking for a female goat, but Remos caught my attention because he’s so attractive. I didn’t have to think for long before buying him.”

Well, well, we might have a furry over here.


And Ahmad has evidently gotten attached to his handsome lil goat too. Even though his farm is that of a livestock one, he’s reportedly not willing to let it go.

“Some have asked if I’m willing to sell Remos. However, I declined their offers nicely and recommend other goats to them instead.”

Well, that’s one hell of a love for Remos, alright.

Hello, Furry police? There might be something up.