This Hawker Sells Realistic Looking Vegetarian Chicken Rice From $3

Image: 33-素食 Facebook / All About Ceil

There is a reason why I love chicken rice.

Vegetarian chicken rice to be exact.

No, do not ask me why I’m vegetarian.

My job here is to tell you why you should visit 33 Vegetarian Food stall at Teck Ghee Square Market & Food Centre that sells just about the best (vegetarian) chicken rice in the whole of Singapore.

All for $3. An unheard-of price, right?

It’s so good that different blog posts have sprung up singing praises about it.

Here. And here. And here.

Image: 33-素食 Facebook Page

After having served real chicken for 15 years, Mr Sow, the stall owner, turned his business vegetarian when he and his wife became one (okay, puns not intended).

Besides its heavenly taste, this stall is special in that it serves only mock-chicken-based dishes, such as Chicken Burger, Chicken Cutlet, Chicken Nuggets with fries, Curry Chicken Noodle, Thai Chicken… and also Chicken Rice.

Bestseller: The Healthy Chicken Rice Set ($6.80)

Or you can get their Vegetarian Steamed/Roasted Chicken Rice alone for just $3. (You can have the chicken steamed or roasted, or both. Choice is a game)

Unbelievable right?

The reason why bubble tea is addictive is due to a secret ingredient. Watch what it is here: (Also remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel!)

Exactly how different is this mock chicken from the real thing?

Vegetarian Chicken Rice vs Its Meat Counterpart

Although the mock chicken reportedly didn’t exactly have the real-chicken taste, it does look tantalizingly like the real one, being done to a perfect crispy brown.

Its “meat” inside is succulent and the whole set comes with pickled vegetables, oyster vegetables and soup on the side. You’ll also get the usual condiments of dark sauce, chilli and ginger.

Sources here mention the impeccable blend and taste between chilli and steamed chicken, and the rice is so sufficiently oily and piquant, you might just mistake it for having been mixed with real chicken fat and stock.

Having said that, it’s okay to turn away from meat once in a while, and go green.

I’ll leave you here to browse through patrons’ comments and give 33 Vegetarian Food a try.

After all, they’ve been in business fifteen years, and offer such delish dishes at so affordable, heyday-Singapore prices. Where to find?

It’s knock-off time. I’m going there right now. Bye!


  • Address: 409 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10, #01-33 Singapore 560409
  • Opening Hours: 11 am to 8 pm daily, 11 am to 6 pm (Tuesdays). Closed on Wednesdays.
  • Facebook: Click here