This Pineapple Tart Costs About $40 & is As Big As Your Annoying Aunty’s Face


Okay, this isn’t a joke. It’s real.

If you thought nothing can beat your ordinary pineapple tart for snacking during Chinese New Year, how about one that is the size of your aunt’s face? Or even bigger?

Lovers of pineapple tarts, you can now feast your cravings with this 500g, 6.5inch pineapple tart from Goodwood Park Hotel made with a fresh pineapple reduction infused with vanilla.


Known as The Huat! Tart, it costs a whopping $40.65. I won’t even dare to think how many calories there are in this cake tart.

Pineapple tarts, otherwise known for resembling the word prosperity, makes it that much more an auspicious treat. Even more so when it comes topped with the word “發” right on top. How perfect will it be to receive this as a gift to “huat”! Besides, no one is stopping you from gifting this treat to yourself instead because why not right?

If there’s one thing you lover of this sweet treat will know for sure, it is that pineapple tarts always come with a buttery crumbly pastry and crust topped off with a sweet yet tangy and firm pineapple filling.

Having said that, I’m definitely going to have that one last pineapple tart (but not this lah)! Are you?


You can buy the tart online here for decoration to eat.

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