This Uncle-Auntie Lovey-Dovey Valentine’s Day Date is #RelationshipGoals for Us

In this time of age, I would say that true love’s all but non-existent.

Cheating cases. Check.

Extramarital affairs. Check.

And even if you discount those cases as the odd ones out, you still have relationships that revolve around:

  • Money
  • Pleasure
  • Favours
  • Etc. etc.

And well, I’m pretty sure that they don’t equate to true love, no matter what both parties ‘think’.

But is true love truly gone?

It’s certainly easy to think so, considering how cheating cases seem to be pretty prevalent nowadays.

But is it truly gone?

While I might be inclined to believe so, there are special cases that make you believe in true love, all over again. And for this old couple over in China…

They happen to be the special case in question, lovingly so.

Image: 热搜榜 Youtube

Longtime love

Valentine’s Day might be long over around general parts in the world, but over in China, that’s not quite the case. 20th May, a date that might not hold special significance to you and me, is actually considered an unofficial Valentines Day in China due to the date’s seeming significance.

20 May = 5/20

520 = Wo Ai Ni (I love you)

Image: finding design

And according to World Of Buzz, a 97-year-old Grandpa apparently seized the opportunity to celebrate his long-time love, his 99-year-old wife, in a video that has since gone viral.

In the video, the grandpa can be seen holding a big bouquet full of blue roses with shaky hands, as he passed it to his wife.

Image: 热搜榜 Youtube

In case you’re wondering, that’s not all either, as they proceed to engage in all kinds of adorable antics that will make you squeal “cuteeee!” Case in point: the point where the grandpa puts a necklace on his wife and awkwardly accepts her hug because they’re so camera shy.

Image: 热搜榜 Youtube

And to sum it all up, they can be seen jointly indulging in a chapati.

Image: 热搜榜 Youtube

Now if that’s not romantic, I don’t know what is.

True love

While the aforementioned antics were definitively adorable and all, they weren’t actually the reason I deemed the couple as the human personification of true loveNo. Rather, it’s because of this following bit.

According to World Of Buzzthe couple’s granddaughter has since spoken to the Shanghaiist since the video went viral and has said that the adorable couple is constantly by each other’s side…

And that they don’t have much time left, which is really why they want to spend time cherishing each other every day;


Image: 热搜榜 Youtube

Let’s believe again

It’s easy to lose faith in love, considering how the world seems to have been reacting in recent years.


But hey, instead of focussing on the negative…

Why don’t we try appreciate special cases like this, ones that really ignite that old flame in us…

And get us believing in true love again?

Image: 热搜榜 Youtube

This article was written by a writer who’s now crying internally because he has decided to believe in true love, once again.

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