3 Arrested for Geylang Stabbing on 30 Aug; Suspects Involved in Drug-Related Offences

You know the saying: low crime doesn’t mean no crime.And if your crime is big? Well, you’re basically done for.

On 30 August, two men were sent to hospital after being stabbed. The culprits obviously thought they could evade capture and escaped the scene.

We’ve said this once, and we’ll say it again.

In Singapore, the law catches up FAST in a country this small.

Swift Justice

By 1 September 2019, less than 28 hours after the stabbing incident, three suspects in the stabbing case were swiftly apprehended.

The first suspect was a 53-year-old man, who was identified a mere hour after the stabbings through surveillance and police footage. He tried to evade arrest by driving away, against the flow of traffic at Jalan Sultan.

I smell two offences. This, and the fact that the guy was also wanted by the Central Narcotics Bureau. 

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He didn’t get too far though. The police traced him to a hotel and arrested him at 12.30 a.m. on 31 August, under the charges of drug trafficking and voluntarily causing hurt with a dangerous weapon with common intention.

That’s not all; 5g of Ice and five Ecstasy tablets were found, along with the arrest of two other men aged 20 and 25, both for drug-related offences.

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The case was turned out to be much more than just an assault-related one.

Remaining Two

Don’t worry though, everyone got their just desserts.

The second suspect, a 37-year-old man, was arrested along with a 32-year-old foreign woman that Friday night along a service road at East Coast Park.

And boy oh boy, was this a huge catch.

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318g of Ice, 241 Ecstasy tablets, 109g of cannabis, 60 Erimin-5 tablets, 46g of ketamine, drug utensils, a weighing scale and $5920 in cash were seized.

The final suspect was a 20-year-old man, arrested early on Saturday morning at Block 43 Chai Chee Street.

He was arrested under the pretence of voluntarily causing hurt with dangerous weapons with common intention and consumption of controlled drugs. He has been referred to the Drug Rehabilitation Centre (DRC) within the Changi Prison complex.

At least this one got somewhat of a second chance.


The other two suspects? Not so lucky.

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Along with the woman, the 52- and 37-year-old suspects were charged in court on 31 August with drug trafficking. The other two accomplices are out on bail.

Also, if them main suspects are found guilty of assault with a weapon, they could be jailed for up to seven years, or fined, or caned, or given any combination of the three.

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Sucks to be them. 

Commander of the Bedok Police Division, Julius Lim (is that the host of Crimewatch?!), said that such acts of violence are intolerable and that the police will always be in relentless pursuit of justice.


Mad props to the Police and CNB for the successful sweep on the case. Now everyone can sleep a little easier at night knowing the streets are safe, and the host of Crimewatch is watching crime.

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