Three S’porean Wrestlers Might Just Be Joining WWE Soon

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What if you’re a wrestler? Well, there’s only one place you can go to for all the glam and glitter.

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World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

And for three wrestling youngsters in Singapore, they’re one step closer to achieving their dream.

Invited To The Shanghai Tryouts

This is Sean “Trexxus” Tan, Andruew “The Statement” Tang and Alexis Lee.

Image: Alexis Lee – Independent Wrestler Facebook Page

And the trio was among the 40 wrestlers invited to Shanghai for the WWE tryouts recently.

The wrestlers were picked from Asian countries including China, Thailand, the Philippines and Japan.

They were brought through a four-day trial, and should they be selected, they’ll be given a WWE developmental contract.

WWE Developmental Contract

According to WrestlingInc, new WWE talents signed to developmental contracts are paid on average from $50,000 to $150,000 per year.

And if the talents can make it to the top of the company on RAW or Smackdown? They’ll be looking at seven-figure salaries.


Talents will not just be taught technique and timing. They’ll also be trained up in camera awareness and presence, and most importantly, how to avoid getting injured once signed.

A Novel Experience

Tang, who helped co-found the Singapore Pro Wrestling (SPW) back in 2012, said that the experience “was crazy”.

The attendees were put through the paces with “multiple exercise drills, both indoors and outdoors”, and “shown the ropes in the ring”.

The trio had learnt a lot during their trial.

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Alexis Lee, who was called Singapore’s first female pro-wrestler, said that her parents had always disapproved of her choice to wrestle.

But now, while her parents still object to her wrestling, they have “new-found respect” for Lee, Andruew and Trexxus.

Are They Confident?

Tang is confident that he did pretty well in the trials and stand a decent chance.

Tan, on the other hand, said he doesn’t want to keep his hopes up and will try not to think about it until the results are out.

All the best for team Singapore!

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You can check out their Facebook pages here, here and here.


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