Tiger Sugar Coming Out with Black Sugar Chocolate Bubble Tea with Hershey’s from 9 Aug

Editor: Brown Sugar Fresh Milk is the best!

No, it’s not-

Editor: Don’t come and tell me about diabetes lah, you health freak

No, I’m talking about-

Editor: So what if it’s the unhealthiest bubble tea drink ever? YOLO, bro

I know, but it’s not the best. There’s-

Editor: Shuddap you party pooper, no wonder you’re forever alone.


Do you want to know why I think Brown Sugar Fresh Milk isn’t the best?

It’s not because I agree with Victor, our handsome writer who thinks bubble tea is a conspiracy theory…by bubble teas.

Nor is it because I prefer regular milk tea.

It’s Because Nothing Beats Chocolate Brown Sugar Fresh Milk

I mean, adding chocolate to anything is good. So when you add chocolate to something that’s already good? It becomes better.

And that’s exactly what Tiger Sugar Singapore is giving to Singaporeans this year.

Image: Tiger Sugar Singapore Facebook Page

Limited Edition Black Sugar Chocolate Boba Fresh Milk

A collaboration between Tiger Sugar and Hershey’s, this drink is version two-point-oh of their Black Sugar Chocolate Boba Fresh milk.

It’s made with lesser sugar and complemented with a stringer chocolate flavour topped with snow cream.

It’ll be available from National Day (9 August) at all outlets while stocks last.

Better make sure to be fast because they take the limited edition really seriously.

Each outlet will only produce 40 cups per day.

Still better than Huawei $54 phone, though.

New Tiger Sugar Outlet At Suntec City

It seems like just a short while ago, Tiger Sugar landed at Capitol Piazza for the first time in Singapore.

And within that short span of time, they’ve been expanding aggressively.

Now, they have a new outlet at Suntec City, at Pasarbella, to be exact.


So if you’re working at Suntec City or nearby, and you’re bored of the usual drinks selection, just know that something fresh is coming.

The outlet will open for business on 10 August 2019 (Sunday) at 1 pm.

They will also be popping up at Sephora outlets during this National Day period as well.

  • 9th August (Friday) at Sephora ION orchard from 2-5pm
  • 10th August (Saturday) at Sephora Vivocity from 2-5pm
  • 11th August ( Sunday) at Sephora Westgate from 2-5pm

So now you know where to go to beat the queue, right?


Editor: Wait, got new chocolate brown sugar fresh boba?! Why didn’t you tell me earlier?!

Shut up.

You’re welcome! 😉 

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