Tiger Sugar Hinting That They’re Opening New Outlet in Yishun Northpoint

A Tiger Sugar Brown Sugar Boba Milk With Cream mousse at S'pore First Tiger Sugar Outlet

Another day, another bubble tea store. This is truly the case in Singapore at least.

Every week or so, it seems that a new bubble tea store is bound to disrupt the industry – proving that the boba trend is not stopping anytime soon.

And since it’s about bubble tea, it’s important (once again) to spam show you a video we’ve done about bubble tea:

Way before big names such as Gong Cha, Koi and Liho entered the local scene, the majority of us found comfort in Ice Talk, Sweet Talk and Each-A-Cup. These were the OG source of boba island-wide, and the best part – at a fraction of the price of those currently available.

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Enter Tiger Sugar.

This Taiwanese business has a bad habit of creating long queues wherever they go.

Which is why, when they announced they’re opening their 5th outlet? You can bet it’s going to be dramatised.

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Tiger Sugar to open 5th Outlet in Yishun

Brace yourselves, die-hard boba fans.

On 3 May, Tiger Sugar took to Facebook to announce their big news – their expansion to the North. Of course, they are celebrating the occasion with a bang. In conjunction with the reveal of their expansion, the bubble tea brand is holding a giveaway where 20 lucky fans will enjoy a free drink!

Image: Tiger Sugar/ Facebook

According to their Facebook post, all you have to do is 4 simple steps:

  1. Like their Facebook page
  2. Like and share the post
  3. Guess which mall will house their newest outlet (They gave a big hint in the visual attached with the post!)
  4. Tag 3 friends you wish to attend the opening with

The giveaway ends on 10 May, Friday at 8 pm and the 20 winners will be announced on 11 May, Saturday at 1 pm.

We’ve often waited for tomorrow for a meal with our family. But what if tomorrow never comes? Watch this and you'll understand:

Tiger Sugar

Tiger Sugar is a well-known bubble tea brand from Taichung, Taiwan which first opened its doors to Capitol Pizza in Singapore back in November 2018.

Fast forward to May 2019, the Taiwanese brand will have a total of 5 outlets – Capitol Piazza, Chinatown Point, Paragon, Jurong Point and the new Avenger, not-to-be-named (Pretty obvious btw, since it’s in the North and in the South Wing).

Image: Tiger Sugar/ Instagram

Tiger Sugar specializes in Brown Sugar Milk drinks which comes in different varieties, as well as the option to have it hot or cold.

Alternatively, they offer Black and Green Tea Latte too. The price ranges from about S$4+ to S$5+.

Boba Facts (Read: Boba Fett)

Do you know the origin of bubble tea, the drink that characterises Asians?

Image: sayingimages.com

Well, CNN reported that the very first bubble tea to surface in the world originates from the Taiwanese tea house, Chun Shui Tang. Liu Han-Chieh and his product development manager, Ms Lin Hsiu Hui are the brains behind the accidental invention of bubble tea.

According to CNN, Ms Lin was fooling around when she added the tapioca balls from her dessert into her Assam iced tea and drank it – and the rest was history.

I once read a quote from a bubble tea store which made sense, and would like to pass it on to you:

“There’s no problem a cup of milk tea can’t solve. If there is, make it two cups.” #Preach