Tiktoker Licked a Toilet Seat & Called It The ‘Coronavirus Challenge’; Likes the Attention Gained After That

I know how you look like after reading the headline:

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I’ve the same look.

It’s not easy to understand what goes into the mind of a Tiktoker, but one thing’s for sure: most of them just want to have some fun and have no malicious intentions.

It’s the same for this Tiktoker, except that what she did was so controversial, even cats would baulk at her video.

Tiktoker Created COVID-19 to Lick Toilet Seats & Likes the Attention

TikToker @avalouiise, whose name is Ava Louise, has 19.3k followers in TikTok. The 21-year-old also has 153k followers in her Instagram account and over 7k followers in her Twitter account.

The influencer-wannabe’s Instagram account is filled with images of her in bikinis and whatnot, and it’s for a rather dark reason: in the past, she weighed more than 90kg and was bullied because of her weight.

After she lost her weight, Instagram became her platform to spread a message: “I have been ugly and I have been hot and I choose hot every single time.”

And her quest for fame has not ended.

Yesterday (15 March), she uploaded a video Tiktok video and called it the “coronavirus challenge”. Lest you’re not aware, TikTok is full of challenges, but most are harmless ones.

This might just be harmful.

In the video, she licked the seat of a toilet bowl, and soon told her viewers in a later video that she was “totally fine” and has yet to be infected with COVID-19.

I know. Mind-blown, right?

In her Instagram, she then revealed that she had done the video so that she could be featured in CNN, and said that she has “cloroxed” (disinfected?) the toilet seat before licking it.

Screenshot by Mothership.sg

There, I’ve told you: never try to understand what a TikToker is thinking.

In addition, she claimed that she had made USD $4,000 (about SGD$5,687) for doing that video. It’s unknown how she could have made that money since TikTok currently doesn’t pay its creators unless it’s a branded content (obviously this isn’t branded lah).

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Screenshot by Mothership.sg

The video has since been removed, allegedly by TikTok.

You can, however, watch it here as someone from Twitter had saved the video:

She loves the attention so much, she even tweeted about it repeatedly in Twitter, and retweeted an re-upload of her video.

And, erm, one of her friends has joined the challenge, this time licking a doorknob instead

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