Timezone Didn’t Know If They Need to Close; Netizens Give Advice to Them

Yesterday’s announcement took everyone by surprise.

I mean, if you’ve working tirelessly to save up for a movie ticket, all your hard work would now go down the drain.

Though I’d suggest that you go for a Netflix subscription or subscribe to our YouTube channel instead, but I digress.

Other than many people losing their job temporarily, it’s also caused confusion.

Since all entertainment venues would have to be closed…does that mean that the toilet in our office would be closed as well? Since I’ve all my entertainment there.

And is an arcade considered an entertainment venue?

Timezone Didn’t Know If They Should Close; Netizens Give Advice to Them

Lest you didn’t know, it was announced yesterday that all bars and entertainment venues would be closed from 26 March 2020, 11:59pm.

The definition of bar is explicit, but there’s some ambiguity on the term “entertainment venues”.

A few examples were cited: night clubs, discos, cinemas, theatres, and karaoke outlets.

Basically, it’s a place “where there is a high risk of transmission due to sustained close contact over a period of time.”

Right, that means my office toilet should remain open since I don’t have any close contact with anyone except my phone.

How about…an arcade then?

I’d say it’s considered one but I’m just a cat writing for a crappy publication, so my view doesn’t count.

It’s caused so much confusion that Timezone posted this an hour ago:

If you can’t see blue words:

We have received a lot of inquiries if we are affected by the recent government order to temporarily close entertainment centres. Timezone Management is currently consulting with the authorities to confirm details. Please refer to the Timezone Singapore Facebook page for the latest updates and venue announcements.

Prior to this, the arcade has already implemented safe distancing measures:

And netizens have some hilarious feedback.

Over in a thread in Hardwarezone Forums, which comprises intellectual beautiful boys and girls discussing about the origins of the universe, some comments are just too funny not to be shown here:


Currently, people are also wondering if places like casinos would be closed as well.

Well, for now, only time will tell.

After all, for all you know, more measures might be implemented tomorrow and we’d all be locked in our house. Or maybe COVID-19 decided to give up on Earth and just move to Mars. Who knows.


It’s just too fluid. I mean, a month ago, people were still crowding around to sing Hokkien songs in a ballroom. Do that today and you’ll see your face peppered on the Internet.

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