MP Tin Pei Ling Joins DCS Card Centre (Formerly Diners Club Singapore) As Managing Director


Finding a new job is typically not a walk in the park. You have to consider whether you have the hard skills for the job.

You also have to think about the culture fit.

If you are Member of Parliament (MP) Tin Pei Ling, you may also have to factor in the public’s opinion in your job search.

So many moving pieces.

For those who remember, MP Tin was previously employed at Grab, but her role in the ride-hailing company led to some speculations of potential conflicts of interest.

She left the company and now has a new role with DCS Card Centre (formerly known as Diners Club Singapore).

Here is more about MP Tin’s new role as a Managing Director.

MP Tin Pei Ling Takes up New Role as Managing Director at DCS Card Centre

LinkedIn—if you are an office worker, you most likely use this professional networking platform quite regularly.

It seems that so does MP Tin Pei Ling.

Yesterday (2 October 2023), MP Tin announced in a public post that she “joined DCS (formerly known as Diners Club SG) to lead its strategic partnership & business development”.

It was her first day at work, and her role was to establish “strategic partnerships to reinforce our position as a leading and innovative player in the payment landscape and driving future market expansion”.

According to MP Tin, this was an industry sector that she had been “watching with interest”.

MP Tin, who is 39 years old, is now in the role of Managing Director.

She Was Previously at Grab as a Director of Public Affairs and Policy

In her post, MP Tin also took care to emphasise that her role was a “commercial and strategic” one.

Why does she need to clarify this?


It could have something to do with the public criticism and backlash when she joined Grab, which was her previous role before joining DCS.

Earlier this year, she was hired as Grab’s Director of Public Affairs and Policy, which led to concerns that there may be a conflict of interest between her MP role and her professional role at Grab.

After all, both had a connection to governments and government relationships.

While MP Tin said that she would be “transparent and above board” in wearing both hats, it seems that she decided being prudent and pivoting to a less controversial role would be best.

Nine days after she joined Grab, she moved into a corporate development role within the company.


Her LinkedIn professional experience mentions “Director Corporate Development” from January 2023 to August 2023.