TK TrichoKare Vs Beijing 101 Vs Salon Vim: Which is better?

Do you have problems with hair loss? Have you already decided that you need hair treatment but don’t know which to choose from because there’s too many in the market?


When it comes to hair treatment, the number one centre that comes to mind is probably Beijing 101. There’s also Salon Vim and TK TrichoKare, comparatively less well-known locally for hair treatment. 

We take a look at all three and compare them for you.

What exactly are these companies?

Beijing 101 uses traditional Chinese medicine for hair scalp treatments and hair growth. They use high-grade Chinese medicinal ingredients in their treatments.

Salon Vim is a full-scale hair salon, complete with all the services you would expect from a salon. It’s in the name. They also offer hair treatment packages, which deal primarily with strengthening or moisturising your hair.

TrichoKare’s trichologists (think: hair doctors) uses European herbal hair remedies and customised treatments to prevent hair fall, protect the scalp, and strengthen the hair follicles. 

For hardcore hair loss, I imagine you would have to choose between Beijing 101 and TrichoKare

Reviews and Awards

Beijing 101 has appeared in the newspaper multiple times, even setting a new record for the most number of scalp treatments in a single location and were the ones to help Pan Ling Ling regrow her hair which she lost due to breast cancer.

TrichoKare has a long list of awards too numerous to mention here, which includes the ELLE Beauty Treat List 2017 for Best Hair Loss Treatment. They’ve also got a long list of influencers’ testimonies, including Xiaxue, Jay Nesh and Anand.

Xiaxue is known to be a selective beauty blogger who is extremely careful about the brands she speaks out for.

So if she were to publicly review TrichoKare, it shows that they’re effective when it comes to promoting healthy hair growth, preventing hair fall and hair loss.

Current Hair Treatment Promotion

TrichoKare prices a consultation with their trichologists at S$85.60 per hour.

According to reviews, they do a customised scan and treatment for every customer as they believe that different people have different scalp and hair condition, and it’s unreasonable to use the same treatment for everyone. 

At the current moment, they are offering an award-winning Hair Densifying Treatment @ $40 and gives you free FolliGRO Ampoule and Energy Serum worth $743.

The treatment takes around 2 hours and include a consultation and a tricho-scan of your scalp.

The hair treatment goes in three stages – first, they’ll remove the impurities and excess sebum from your scalp, then boost blood circulation under the scalp to nourish the follicles before promoting cell growth to stimulate hair growth. 

The natural remedy is tested and prepared under stringent laboratory standards aims to regenerate, restore and revive hair and scalp.

Worth the expensive consultation? Possibly.

It is up to you to decide which one is more trustworthy and effective. 

Facing any hair problem and want to get it checked out before it’s too late? Check out the current promotion TrichoKare is offering here.

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