Toa Payoh Becomes Bubble Tea City With Bubble Tea Shops Every 500m.


It is hard to deny that we have become a bubble tea addicted nation. But what does that mean for us?

Bubble Tea Central In Toa Payoh Central

In Toa Payoh Central alone, there is a whopping number of bubble tea shops within a 500-metre radius of each other around the train station.

Nine of them, to be exact.

The nine shops consist of Gongcha, KOI, LiHO, R&B Xuncha, and niche brands such as Ruhe Hollin, Fuqi, YuHeiTang, Meme Xpress and Beautea.

Yes, we are absolutely spoiled for choices here.

The heart of Singapore is now the heart of our bubble tea addiction. 10/10 warmed the cockles and brown sugar pearls of our hearts.

Previously, we talked about how North Point City, the mall which grew up just like Jurong Point, also became a bubble tea city with 8 bubble tea stores within the mega-mall.

Guess it got shown up by its neighbour, huh.

Ladies, Don’t Stop Reading

The newest player in the game is BeauTea, has just opened less than three weeks ago in Toa Payoh near Toa Payoh Hub’s McDonalds.

From the first BeauTea shop at ABC Brickworks hawker centre, the brand has expanded to one more location in Toa Payoh.

BeauTea, the brainchild of Song Joong Ki lookalike, 25-year-old Zhou Zhen Yang has been well received by the public with very affordable prices and delicious drinks.

Image: Miss Tamchiak

We love a good, smooth and affordable bubble tea over overpriced milk and taro any day.

The good-looking, young and budding entrepreneur has wowed many reviewers tastebuds as well as their eyes. A fine catch for our single ladies out there. Time for a visit to BeauTea to quench your thirst.

Well wasn’t that worth the read?


Bubble Tea Scene Singapore

Bigger brands such as Liho, Koi and Gong Cha have shops planted in almost every region of the island and most brands are available on delivery apps.

Many internationally famous and renowned brands from countries such as Taiwan, Hong Kong and South Korea is making its way on to our shores.

Many individual local bubble tea brands like Bober have also taken the Singapore bubble tea world by storm. Located conveniently in a cosy corner at Bishan MRT, anyone can drop by for the bubble tea fix during their daily commute.

If all the bubble tea brands were in a girl group, Tiger Sugar would be the first to have a solo debut, Gong Cha would have the most collaborations and Chi Cha San Chen would have the most expensive outfits.

In fact, here’s how expansive the bubble tea in Singapore is.


If you are ever in town and craving for bubble tea, do not worry!

There are 5 Liho stores, 4 KOI stores, 3 Gong Cha stores, 1 Chi Cha San Chen store and 1 Each a Cup store. Our nation is now truly a bubble tea paradise.

Even if you are not in the town area, you can get bubble tea virtually anywhere!

Major food delivery brands such as Food Panda and Grab Food Delivery carry various bubble tea brands around you that you’ve probably never even heard of.

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