Toggle Catch Up (Now Known as meWatch): 9 Facts About This Platform You Must Know About


Last Updated on 2020-02-04 , 5:17 pm

Everyone should know Toggle or Toggle Catch Up, Mediacorp’s on-demand TV. It allows you to catch-up on TV dramas, read entertainment news and also binges on Toggle’s own drama series.

It’s now known as meWatch, but oldies like me would still call it Toggle because it just sounds so much better.

If it’s confusing, just think of it as Netflix by Mediacorp but with a free tier.

For those of us who are TV addicts, Toggle is a God-sent app that allows us watch anything we want while getting stuck in the trains.

Since Toggle could be the substitute to Netflix, let us share 9 interesting facts about it you probably didn’t know of.

And I’ll be using the name “Toggle” instead of “meWatch” because hey: it’s my article. I can even call it xinMSN if I so desire.

Toggle Catch Up is Free

Now, you might think that since Toggle is Singapore’s answer to Netflix (okay, we made that up, but some of us do have this association, right?), you need to pay in order to watch anything. Here’s when you’re wrong.

Toggle has two versions, the free version and the paid one. Mediacorp, of course, promotes only the paid version, called Toggle Prime (now known as meWatch Prime).

Some people might not know that there is a free Toggle that you can watch without paying a single cent! Just go to (you can still go to but will be redirected to the meWatch website) and you can catch up on shows that you did not manage to watch on TV.

However, do note that you would need to create an account to watch the shows (Toggle doesn’t require an account).


Toggle Can be downloaded on any smart device

Most people will download Toggle on their smartphones or tablets and watch dramas on the go. Did you know that Toggle can be downloaded as an app on your smart TV too?

Similar to the YouTube app, just download Toggle and watch it FREE from your smart TV. Very smart hor?

Though, of course, you’d have to search for “meWatch” now lah since there’s no more Toggle. And just so you know, the reviews for the app aren’t exactly…encouraging.

At the time of writing, it has 2.3 out of 5 stars in the App Store and 3.4 out of 5 stars in Google Play Store. The Goody Feed app has better reviews seh.

Toggle is Formed after Xinmsn was Disbanded

Anyone remembers Xinmsn? No? Then go drink some milk, you young fellow who probably didn’t know what SBC stands for.

Toggle’s predecessor is apparently Xinmsn. The website is a collaboration between MediaCorp and Microsoft, and we used to be able to watch catch-up TV on that platform.

On 1 April 2015, Xinmsn said goodbye and Toggle was born.

Toggle is Also Available on Apple TV

This is great news for those who own an Apple TV and want to make use of Toggle to catch up on their TV dramas. You can access Toggle on your Apple TV for free and watch all the dramas you missed. Find out how to connect Toggle on Apple TV here.

Toggle works on AirPlay as well.

If you have an Apple TV and wants to use the AirPlay function to watch Toggle, you can do that now! Find out how to do that here.

Now, you think Toggle is all about Apple? Read on.


Toggle works on Chromecast too

If you do not have a smart TV, but instead use Chromecast, you will be happy to know that Toggle works on Chromecast too. It allows you to project Toggle onto your TV screen and has the feature to control the Toggle app using your smart phone / tablet.

Want to know how to do that? Click here.

Toggle Prime (MeWatch Prime) isn’t Expensive

For those of you who die die want to watch every episode of your favourite TV drama before everyone else, you can subscribe to Toggle Prime (MeWatch Prime).

If you’re just into local dramas, the basic plan starts from $5.94 if you pay six months in advance, if not it’ll be $9.90.

But that’s if you’re just into local drama.

If you prefer shows from other countries, you can opt for Netflix or Amazon Prime Video…or MeWatch’s premium plans.


MeWatch Has Other VOD Streaming Services

I’m moving from calling it “Toggle” to “MeWatch” because some of these features weren’t in Toggle.

Basically, MeWatch has premium plans for Netflix-like services as well. They’re HOOQ, which comprises Hollywood and exclusive Asian contents, beIN Sports Pass, which includes soccer matches from from the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, La Liga, Major League Soccer, Ligue 1 and more, and tVN movies, a name that Korean siao would definately know about.

These add-ons are priced reasonable especially if you buy them with MeWatch Prime.

For pricing, click here.

There are some locally produced dramas that are exclusive in MeWatch only

Netflix has been producing successful originals like House of Cards or Orange is the New Black. Similar to Netflix, MeWatch has original series as well, and here’s the best part: these originals are free to watch!


Yes, no money involved though you’d still have to create an account lah.