Spiderman Tom Holland Buy Chickens to Lay Eggs Coz Supermarkets Have Run Out of Eggs

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The panic and fear of having nothing to eat while being on lockdown have caused many people all around the world to start panic buying like crazy and stock up on essentials.

It is no longer an uncommon sight to see empty supermarket shelves and people physically fighting each other to get the last item available.


Some of the most common items to panic buy are toilet paper, tissues, rice and eggs.

So if you’re feeling bummed about your local supermarket running out of eggs, why not just adopt a chicken instead?

Tom Holland Buys Chickens To Lay Him Eggs

Tom Holland is now the father to three live chickens, also known as Predator, Ranger, and Chestnut.

The 23-year-old English actor, who plays Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, was disappointed to find out that the supermarkets were empty and cleared of eggs.

Hence, he decided to solve his problems by turning into “the source of eggs“.

He took to Instagram to share his creative solution with his fans.

“With everything that’s happening, the supermarkets are empty,” Holland said in a video. “There are no eggs; We have no eggs. So we thought to solve that problem, we would become the source of the eggs. Now we own chickens. ”


In the video, he was clutching one of his new pet chickens under his arm.

Image: Instagram (@tomholland2013)

He is planning to rear these chickens in his back garden, along with the help of his family and friends.

Fans Find It Hilarious

Fans immediately started talking about it on both Instagram and Twitter, and they called it the funniest celebrity moment to come out amidst the global pandemic.

Image: Twitter

According to fans, it is a very “Tom Holland thing to do”, so they were not too surprised by his sudden decision to get some live chickens.

Self-Isolating Due To Feeling Unwell

Holland also updated his fans on how he’s doing regarding the Covid-19 situation via an Instagram live video.

Image: Instagram (@tomholland2013)

He said that he was not feeling too great and thus had decided to isolate himself, like the responsible person he is.

“So, I’m not feeling great but I thought I’d just say hello,” he said. “We’re self-isolating at home. I woke up feeling really not very well but I’m okay. I’m gonna try and be a little bit more present on Instagram during this tough time because I have nothing else to do.”

Although he doesn’t feel well, he still lets fans know that he “doesn’t think he has coronavirus”. It might just be a case of the common cold.

Several celebrities have already tested positive for the coronavirus, such as Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson and Daniel Dae Kim.

Hopefully, Spider-Man isn’t next on the list of Covid-19’s top targets.